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Alternate paddle in Laser Hockey

Before the timer starts, press A + B to use a different circular paddle.

Platinum medals

Successfully complete the indicated task to get a Platinum medal in the corresponding event:

    Billiards: Earn at least 63 points
    Charge: Get a score of 325 points
    Find Mii: Reach the 100th stage
    Fishing: Score over 2,500 points
    Laser Hockey: Score at least 16 goals and win the match
    Pose Mii: Earn over 1,000 points
    Shooting Mange: Earn over 600 points
    Table Tennis: Return the ball over 200 times without missing
    Tanks: Successfully complete the first 20 levels to get the Gold medal, then play through the game again, which now has 100 levels

Screen saver

Allow the game to idle at the Game menu. Your Mii will fall asleep and new music will play. Your Mii will eventually wake up and the music will return to normal.

Finding the different Mii in Find Mii

In the Find Mii mini-game, every time you are asked to find the different Mii or Miis, start to pointing at every Mii. If at any moment you are pointing to a Mii but instead the Mii in front of that one stands up (or the one at the back, etc.), that one is the different one (the Mii that stands up without pointing it out).

Getting Gold medal in Laser Hockey

To get a Gold medal in Laser Hockey, you must get a score of ten or higher and win the game.

Double shots in Shooting Range

During a single player game in the Shooting Range, press a button on a second Wii-mote. You will now have two sets of crosshairs, and if you are quick enough, twice the shots. -From: Randy Rowland

Mii movements

At the main menu, select your Mii and it will do different things. If you select its right arm, it will give you a thumbs up. If you select its left arm, it will wave. If you select its head, it will shake it. If you select its torso, it will jump. If you select its right leg, it will lift it up along with its hands. If you select its left leg, it will act as if it is about to fall.

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