Worms: A Space Oddity

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Special items

Collect the special item crate in the indicated level, then complete that level to unlock the corresponding special item:

    Alien Hat: Level 2-1
    Astronaut Hat: Level 1-1
    Babe Speech-Bank: Level 4-3
    Bolt Flag: Level 6-4
    Captain Speech-Bank: Level 2-3
    Column Gravestone: Level 6-5
    Creepy Speech-Bank: Level 1-3
    Cross Gravestone: Level 6-2
    Crush Flag: Level 4-4
    Digital Gravestone: Level 4-2
    Doctor Speech-Bank: Level 3-3
    Eyeball Hat: Level 1-5
    Female Computer Speech-Bank: Level 5-3
    Helmet Hat: Level 3-1
    Insignia Flag: Level 1-4
    Logical Speech-Bank: Level 2-5
    Meteor Flag: Level 3-4
    Obelisk Gravestone: Level 3-2
    Padded Hat: Level 4-1
    Petrified Gravestone: Level 4-5
    Post Gravestone: Level 2-2
    Princess Speech-Bank: Level 6-3
    R.I.P. Gravestone: Level 1-2
    Red Hat: Level 5-1
    Slab Gravestone: Level 5-2
    Strong Worm Flag: Level 2-4
    Tentacle Flag: Level 5-4
    Visor Hat: Level 5-6
    Yellow Hat: Level 6-1
    Zap Flag: Level 3-5
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