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Reach the indicated level to unlock the corresponding mission type:

    Level 0: 1 star missions
    Level 10: 2 star missions
    Level 15: 2 star underground missions (with Bosses)
    Level 25: 3 star missions
    Level 40: 4 star missions
    Level 60: 5 star missions
    Level 70: 6 star missions


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title:

    Adventurer: Successfully complete 100 missions.
    Analyzer: Analyze a 3-star weapon in the laboratory.
    Analyzer Initate: Perform analysis in the laboratory for the first time.
    Apprentice: Successfully complete one mission.
    Battle Machine: Defeat 100 enemies.
    Battle Master: Defeat 300 enemies.
    Berserker: Defeat 750 enemies.
    Craftsperson: Exchange a weapon at the workshop for the first time.
    Decimator: Defeat 5,000 enemies.
    Devastator: Defeat 1,500 enemies.
    Divine Touch: Revive allies 500 times.
    Expert Remover: Remove 10 obstacles.
    Explorer: Successfully complete 10 missions.
    Fortune-Favored: Analyze a 4-star weapon in the laboratory.
    Gold Collector: Have a total of 9,999,990 Treasure Points earned.
    Handyman: Upgrade a tool at the workshop.
    High Roller: Use 500 medals.
    Jackpot: Defeat 25 rare enemies.
    Life Safer: Revive allies 100 times.
    Living Miracle: Defeat 500 rare enemies.
    Lucky Star: Defeat 5 rare enemies.
    Master Remover: Remove 50 obstacles.
    Millionaire: Use 100 medals.
    Miracle Worker: Defeat 100 rare enemies.
    Multi-Millionaire: Use 1,000 medals.
    Newcomer: Reach Level 5.
    Paramedic: Revive allies 25 times.
    Platinum Collector: Have a total of 99,999,990 Treasure Points earned.
    Reaver: Successfully complete the tutorial.
    Remover Apprentice: Remove 5 obstacles.
    Reviver: Revive allies 5 times.
    Rookie: Boot the game for the first time.
    Russian Roulette: Use 10,000 medals.
    Silver Collector: Have a total of 999,990 Treasure Points earned.
    Top Notch Scavenger: Reach Level 10.
    Treasure Hunter: Successfully complete 1,000 missions.
    Uber-Remover: Remove 100 obstacles.
    Veteran Collector: Reach Level 50.
    Weapon Collector: Upgrade a weapon at the workshop.
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