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Battle Coliseum characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character in Battle Coliseum mode:

    Ace: Win five Battle Royale matches and perform a Link Attack with any character.
    Brook: Win two matches with Sanji and a female teammate.
    Buggy: Successfully complete one Boss Rush and three Battle Royales with Luffy.
    Chopper: Reach Rank 1 in C League.
    Crocodile: Perform 15 dodges with Hancock and trigger five item word effects.
    Franky: Counter six times with Zoro.
    Hancock: Clear three Scrambles.
    Jimbei: Perform eight special attacks with Ace, 20 dodges with Ace, and two link attacks with Luffy and Ace.
    Nami: Win two Duel matches.
    Robin: Win two matches with Nami.
    Sanji: Get promoted to B League.
    Usopp: Reach Rank 1 in C League.
    Zoro: Get promoted to B League.
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