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Secret ending

Unlock all Super Flag achievements, then defeat the final Boss to view a secret ending.

Super Flag achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding flag/achievement. You can view them in the Red District of Port Prisma. After unlock an achievement, you can see a small picture on a flag and a title. After you unlock them all, you can view a secret ending after defeating the final Boss again.

    Card Champion: Purchase 200 Battle Cards from Prisma Cardware.
    Excellence Embodied: Perform 200 "Excellent!" attacks.
    Gold Bug: Collect 10,000 coins.
    Honorary Paint Can: Repaint all colorless spots.
    Sizzlin' Scissors: Perform all cutouts.
    The One And Roshambonly: Defeat all Rock Paper Wizards.

Bonus banners

In Violet Passage (and some other levels), you can see a Pirate Ship. In the cabin are two banners, which you can change in Violet Passage by completing the indicated task. Note: It is easier to first complete the level, then talk to the Toad at the right side.

    New left banner (Target): Get the max score on "Hitting Targets".
    New right banner (Coin): Get the max score on "Hitting Coins".

All Toad Rescue Squad locations

Search the indicated locations to find all Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Green Toad Rescue Squads.


    00:01 - Green Toad Rescue Squad
    03:18 - Purple Toad Rescue Squad
    06:13 - Yellow Toad Rescue Squad
    09:50 - Blue Toad Rescue Squad
    14:45 - Red Toad Rescue Squad

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