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Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Rusty: Break 30 breakable blocks.
    A.R.I.D.: Fall to your death 20 times.
    Ciommandergirl Video: Earn 3 medals in 15 Adventure levels.
    Clone: Get the Mimicry power-up 10 times.
    Commander Video: Earn 3 medals in 10 Adventure levels.
    Drifter: Earn the Swapper power-up 10 times.
    Gunvolt: Get killed by a laser.
    Juan: Land one of every attack.
    Max: Set the Fun type to Maximum.
    Princess: Successfully complete 10 Adventure mode levels with at least two players.
    Satura: Successfully complete Adventure mode.
    Scram Kitty: Taunt 20 times.
    Shovel Knight: Butt Pound 10 enemies.
    Swift: Spend more than three minutes in the air.
    Teslamancer: Earn the Lighting power-up 10 times.
    Tostada: Land 5 Super Punches.
    Unity-chan: Set the Fun type to Kawaii.
    Xeodrifter: Play a level in every Adventure map.

Alternate costumes

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume:

    Bowbarian: Defeat the Bowhemoth.
    Huenicorn: Defeat the Bowhemoth with fewer than 10 deaths or within 20 minutes.
    Jungle Explorer: Play 5 multiplayer games.
    Lumberjack: Defeat Satura in Forgotten Forest.
    Pirate: Play 7 multiplayer games.
    Police Officer: Play 2 multiplayer games.
    Prison Uniform: Defeat Satura in Break-Out.
    Skeleton: Play 10 multiplayer games.
    Tiki Mask: Defeat Satura in Lost Luau.
    Zombie: Defeat Satura in Monster Manor.
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