Shantae And The Pirate's Curse

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Pirate mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock Pirate mode. You can select Pirate mode after a new game is started. In this mode, Shantae will start with all the pirate gear, which allows new shortcuts and faster times. Note: No health or upgrades are carried over.

Water Dungeon secret level

Play the first labyrinth, Spittle Maze, on Saliva Island. Note: Risky's boots are required. When you first drop down into the labyrinth, you will land on a big step. Use Risky's boots to charge into the step. Shantae will pass through and enter a hidden passageway. Follow it to reach a version of the Water Dungeon from the original Shantae from the Game Boy Color, including retro graphics and music. At the end of the secret level are three big jars with 1 Pirate Flare, 1 Super Monster Milk, and 1 Auto-Potion.

Alternate ending

Collect all Dark Magic from the 20 Cursed Cacklebats. When you face the Pirate Master in the Palace, he will be Full-Power Pirate Master. Defeat him to view the true ending.

Bonus wallpaper

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding wallpaper:

    Pirate Shantae and Friends: Successfully complete the game with less than 100% completion in over 2 hours.
    Shantae and Risky Boots: Successfully complete the game in under two hours.
    Shantae vs. ScorpGal: Successfully complete the game with 100% completion.

Easy money

Purchase the three-pack of Monster Milk at the item shop in Scuttle Town for 130 gems. Leave the shop and travel all the way left to the crying Town Mayor. He will pay you 50 gems for each Monster Milk you give him. This results in a total profit of 60 gems. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

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