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Luigi Bros. mini-game

Have a saved game file from New Super Luigi U to unlock the Luigi Bros. mini-game. Then, tap the Luigi icon in the bottom left corner on the GamePad to play the mini-game. Alternately, successfully complete Worlds 1 through 8.

Crown World

Collect all stamps, green stars, and have all checkpoint flags gold from World 1 through Flower World to unlock Crown World.

Mushroom World

Successfully complete Star World to unlock the Mushroom World.

Flower World

Successfully complete Mushroom World to unlock Flower World.

Star World

Successfully complete the main game to unlock the Star World.

Play as Rosalina

Successfully complete Star World 2 to unlock Rosalina.

Getting five stars

Getting five stars is a requirement to reaching 100% completion. Successfully complete the indicated tasks to get five stars on your save file. Additionally, the star icons will glitter if they were earned without using an invincibility leaf.

    1 Star: Successfully complete Worlds 1 through 8.
    2 Stars: Collect all green stars in Worlds 1 through 11.
    3 Stars: Collect all stamps in Worlds 1 through 9.
    4 Stars: Get all gold flags in Worlds 1 through 11.
    5 Stars: Collect all green stars and stamps, successfully complete all worlds with each character, and have all checkpoint flags gold.

Infinite lives

In World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave, go down the pipe when the level begins. Enter the tube in the next area, and grab the fire flower from the "?" block. Go to the area below, and kill the Goomba and Koopa Troopa with a fireball. Then, keep shooting fireballs at the turtle shell to push it into the right corner. Once it is in the right corner, quickly shoot a few fireballs at the wall next to it so they ricochet off the wall and hit the turtle shell and make it bounce on top of the purple bricks. When the turtle shell is on top of the purple bricks, shoot two fireballs at it to get it to go through the tube above. It will then get stuck bouncing between two walls in a crevice on the right. Go through the tube to reach it, then jump on the turtle shell while it is bouncing in the crevice to start getting an unlimited number of 1-Ups. You can get 800 lives in 3 minutes using this trick.

Secret warp from World 1-2 to World 2

First, acquire the Cat Suit in World 1-1. Then, wear it throughout World 1-2. After reaching the underground area in World 1-2, you will reach a clear pipe with two path towards the exit (one lined with coins). After coming out of the pipe, there will a "?" block along the wall. There are two invisible blocks above the "?" block. Use these blocks to reach the upper area with a Koopa Troopa. Climb up the wall above the Koopa Troopa to reach the red warp pipe to World 2.

Secret warp from World 4-2 to World 5

This warp requires the Cat Suit. After you come out of the underground water area in World 4-2, there will be floating platforms on purple water. Climb the wall on the left to reach the top of waterfall, and jump across the floating platforms on the poisonous purple water to reach the red warp pipe to World 5.

Green stars and stamps locations

Search the indicated locations to find all green stars and stamps:

Worlds 1, 2, and 3

Getting sparkling stars

To get the sparkling stars from the top of a flag pole on a particular level, do not pick up the invincibility leaf on that particular level. Note: You automatically get the invincibility leaf after dying five times in a row.

Easy stamps

Collecting all stamps requires playing with every character. Thus, play the game in Multiplayer mode to collect stamps more easily.

Getting final character stamps

To get the final five character stamps, you must successfully complete all levels with all five characters (Luigi, Mario, Peach, Rosalina, and Toad), including Blockades and Mystery Houses, but not Captain Toad levels. In Multiplayer mode, the character has to touch the flag for it to count towards that character. After gaining access to Crown World, you will be able to view which characters you have completed the levels with, as well as other collectibles information.


Successfully complete a level with the last digit of time being "1", "3", or "6" to see star and circle fireworks.

Alternate flags

If you jump on top of a flag pole, it will turn from red to gold. However, if you collected all the green stars in the level, there will be a green star above the flag pole.

Hidden 8-bit Luigis

Scattered throughout the game are some 8-bit Luigis. They can be found by hitting "?" blocks or by seeing them through binoculars during certain moments in the game. For example, after getting the cat suit during the first Boss battle with Bowser, run up a wall to see a giant bridge. Keep watching the bridge until a giant 8-bit Luigi appears, swimming under it.

Control shell's color

Hold a shell, then perform a ground pound. The shell's color will change to match your characters, unless you were holding a gold shell. You can now pass through clear pipes, flagpoles, checkpoints, enemies, and other players.

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