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Easy tickets

Advance the date on your device by one day to instantly get another ticket for the daily challenge levels in Tournament mode. If you have already played Tournament mode, you can play the level again for one ticket instead of the higher cost of a replay.

Easy gold

Turn off checkpoints in the options to get a 50 gold bonus for completing a level without respawning.

Easy "S" ranks

If you have missed a gem or a fairy before the end of a quest, die or restart the level. You will not get credit for an "S" rank on that quest if you do not collect all the gold.

Finding the Gnome Hat and getting an "S" rank is a good way to obtain gold. Try using mushroom springboards to reach areas that may be hidden. If a platform does not have a spiked wall in front of it, try rolling under the small gap at the bottom to reach hidden areas. If you find a wall that can be used to change directions, do so and explore all the possibilities.

Getting windup power

Collect keys to fully recharge your windup power. Kill enemies to gain windup power.

Tournament mode

Do not play Tournament mode first or you will end up wasting tickets. The more levels you play, the more gold you will accumulate, giving you better equipment and skills for when you play Tournament mode later.

Recommended items

Choose your upgrades carefully. Improving your helmet, armor, and shield are good starting options. Some recommended items to get are as follows:

    Angel Helm (800 gold): Replenishes your Winding power once per life.
    Gem Shield: Recommended for Tournament mode.
    Hard Helm (5,500 gold): Protects against falling objects and catapults once per life.
    Magnet Shield: Draws gold coins to you.
    Spiked Helm and Red Caterpillar Armor (13,000 gold each): Allows you to move through enemies, flame jets, catapults, and falling objects without harm.
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