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Refill health

To restore health outside of battle, simply access the Active Members sub-menu of the Party menu, and select "Confirm Changes". Your party's HP will be fully restored. This is useful for exploring during damaging weather conditions, or if you want to very slowly cheat your way through lava.

Skell Frames

Successfully complete Chapter 6 to get a Level 20 Urban Skell. Level 30 Skells can be purchased from the Weapons Terminal in Armory Alley in the Administrative District. More Skells can be purchased with credits or can be crafted with materials and Miranium. Complete the indicated tasks to unlock additional Skells:

    Level 50 Skells: Have Sakuraba Industries reach Level 5.
    Level 60 Skells: Successfully complete the main storyline.
    US0232 Police (level 30): Successfully complete H.B.'s final affinity mission, "Climbing The Ladder".
    US0830 Dozer (level 30): Successfully complete Bozé's final affinity mission, "Bozé's Ignorance".
    US0860 Excavator (level 60): Successfully complete Alexa's final affinity mission, "Rapid Misfire".

"Off The Record" hidden mission

Solve the following riddles to reach Level 5 and access the "Off The Record" bonus mission:


    Riddle 1: "In the court of the forest gods, a brood of sentinels here do flock." Find Sentinel's Nest on the east side of Divine Roost in Noctilum.

    Riddle 2: "Across the table where titans feast hides an insect you must defeat." Defeat Calore, located in the Infernal Ledges Cave in Cauldros; near the northwest edge of Titan's Table.

    Riddle 3: "If you seek a pure white shell, to the east does it now dwell." Go to Oblivia and gather White Forfex Shells.

    Riddle 4: "In fields of green in New LA, ask in the morning to find the way." In the morning, go to the Residential District and speak with Solan near Deliverance Park.


    Riddle 1: "Take this elevated corn to hand, atop the peaks of a delusional land." Go to the peak of the Delusion Mountains in Sylvalum and gather Pale Maize.

    Riddle 2: "Atop the forest's eternal cascade, a bitter baron awaits the blade." Go to the west side of Everwhelm Falls in Noctilum and kill multiple Acid Diluses.

    Riddle 3: "Above an early land do hover, courting birds whose seal you covet." Go to Primordia or Oblivia and collect Auravis Courtship Feathers.

    Riddle 4: "Where ordnance takes first breath, collect your spoils after sunset." Go to Outfitter's Test Hangar during the night and speak to Solan.


    Riddle 1: "Soar deep into the skies and seek the forgotten land's ultimate peak." Get a Flying Skell and explore Mount Edge Peak in Oblivia.

    Riddle 2: "After dawn o'er land of white, a rare red foe appears to smite." Defeat Lyla's Galdr at the east side of Lake Ciel in Sylvalum from 05:00 to 07:00 underneath the Noctilucent Sphere.

    Riddle 3: "Etchings of ancient beasts to find? Seek a stony shore in fired climes." Go to the eastern side of Cauldros and find Savage Sketches.

    Riddle 4: "In suburban glory in a setting sun, the afflicted tell of what's to come." Go to the Residential District in the evening and speak with Solan.

Soul Voices

There are four custom Soul Voices slots that can be set as desired to get the following effects:

Draw Melee

    Requirement: Character must start the battle by drawing a melee weapon.
    I'm in the zone! Let's close in and clean up!: +100% damage.
    They're open! Use melee attacks!: Inflict Stagger I.
    Let's move in and take 'em out! Who's with me?: +200 TP per hit.

Opening Art

    Requirement: Character must start the battle by using an Art.
    Melee attacks! Start off strong!: +100% damage, 200% from behind.
    Rapid fire! Don't let up!: +100 TP per hit.
    Your next move should be an aura!: Cooldown decreased by 50%.

HP Peril

    Requirement: HP must be below 30%.
    Not good... Patch me up!: +100% to Soul Heals, sometimes +300%.
    I need healing! You can't afford to lose me!: +25% to Soul Heals and acquire Invincibility I.
    Stay tough and we'll get through this.: +500 TP to targets which can sometimes exceed +1,000 TP.

Heavy Hitter

    Requirement: Character must land a hit on an enemy.
    Nice hit. Let's see another one!: +50% damage.
    Good! Now start shooting and don't stop!: +25% critical chance and acquire Critical Power I.
    Take a break from attacking to weaken it!: +1 tier to debuff Arts.


    Requirement: Character must half the HP of a large enemy.
    I think we've worn it down. Keep shooting!: +25% critical chance and acquire Critical Power II.
    Pile on the buffs so we can take down this giant!: +1 tier to Buff Arts and acquire Invincibility I.
    This is pointless. We need Overdrive!: +10 seconds to Overdrive time.

Aura Ready

    Requirement: Character need to activate an Aura using Art.
    Prepare your auras! Be ready for anything!: +50% Soul Heals and decreases cooldown by 20%.
    Activate another aura!: +50% Soul Heals and removes debuffs.
    Boost morale with a buff!: +250 TP to targets.

Draw Ranged

    Requirement: Character must start the battle by drawing a ranged weapon.
    Open fire and don't let up!: +50% damage.
    Come on and make some noise! Get buffed!: +1 tier to buff Arts.
    Weaken 'em up front and improvise from there!: +1 tier to debuff Arts.

HP Risk

    Requirement: HP must be below 60%.
    We need to keep our wounds healed!: +50% Soul Heals.
    It's just a scratch... Buff up and press on!: +1 tier to buff Arts.
    Buff up and get that adrenaline flowing!: +250 TP to targets.

Last Words

    Requirement: Character must be incapacitated.
    You must avenge... Hit 'em with all you've got...: +500 TP per hit.
    Keep firing! Don't make me die for... nothing...: +300 TP per hit.
    Let me see your aura shine... before I go...: Invincibility III.


    Requirement: Character must destroy an enemy's limb.
    That's part of it! Now move in and shut 'em down!: +150% damage.
    They're flustered... Knock them over with gunfire!: Inflict Topple I.
    Cripple them! Don't let this chance slip away!: +2 tiers to debuff Arts.

Artful Execution

    Requirement: Character must use an Art's special effect.
    Did that work? Then move in and strike!: +50% damage.
    It worked! Now gun 'em down!: +50% damage.
    Excellent! Now's our chance to weaken them!: +1 tier to debuff Arts.

Activate Overdrive

    Requirement: Character must activate Overdrive.
    Overdrive! Let's see some teamwork!: +10 seconds to Overdrive time.
    Overdrive! On me!: Remove debuffs and acquire Invincibility II.
    I'm using Overdrive! Let's see your best aura!: +1 tier to auras and decrease cooldown by 50%.

Finishing Blow

    Requirement: Character must land a finishing blow.
    Don't wait for the next hostile. Bring the fight to them!: Decrease cooldown by +50%.
    There's more! Attack at range until it's safe!: Decrease cooldown by +50%.
    Don't get cocky! Tighten up those defenses!: +50% Soul Heals.


    Requirement: Character must dodge 3 consecutive enemy attacks.
    They can't hit me! Try an aura now!: Decoy III.
    I'm untouchable. Buff us up and help me out!: Evasion Up III.
    They're confused. Attack at range—now!: Inflict Shock I.

Critical Combination

    Requirement: Character must land 3 consecutive critical hits.
    I'm on fire now! Break out the melee attacks!: +10% critical chance and acquire Critical Power II.
    Keep firing! Let's ride this out!: +10% critical chance and acquire Critical Power II.
    Ha! This is your chance! Get up close and personal!: +80% critical chance.

Wayward Weather

    Requirement: Character must see a change in weather during combat.
    Forget the weather. Buff up and fight on!: Weather Immunity I.
    Use an aura to turn this weather to our advantage!: Weather Immunity II.
    Should we weaken the enemy until this weather passes?: +3 tiers to debuff Arts.


    Requirement: Character must sprint for 3 seconds or more.
    Come on, keep up! Or do you need some help?: Terrain Immunity III.
    I can hold this position. Just buff me up!: Invincibility I.
    The enemy is confused! Use Overdrive now!: Inflict Effect Stasis III.

Medicine Man

    Requirement: Character must be buffed/healed by a male ally.
    Nice timing. Now get back in there, soldier!: +50% damage.
    Wh-what are you doing? Keep shooting!: Inflict Physical Res Down I.
    Thanks. Now don't forget to use an aura!: Supercharge II.

Medicine Woman

    Requirement: Character must be buffed/healed by a female ally.
    Buff up. We need a clean slate!: Remove debuffs.
    Great. But we still need more power!: Critical Power IV.
    Thanks! Don't forget to protect yourself with an aura!: Decrease cooldown by 50% or in some cases up to 75%.


    Requirement: Character must attack with an Art while below 30% HP.
    I'm still in this. Concentrate your melee attacks!: +25% damage and +100 TP per hit.
    This'll heal. Don't stop firing!: +25% damage and +50 TP per hit.
    Get yourself buffed up and charge back in there!: +100% Soul Heals.

Higher Ground

    Requirement: Character must attack from above.
    I have the high ground! Firing from above!: +50% damage and +10% critical chance.
    Keep firing from above and take control of this battle!: +50 TP per hit and +10% critical chance.
    Success! Take aim and keep shooting!: Critical Power I.


    Requirement: Character must Topple an enemy.
    Down they go! Strike like the wind!: +200% damage.
    Hoo-rah! Now pump 'em full of lead while they're down!: +200% damage.
    Toppled! Now weaken 'em to seal the deal!: +2 tiers to debuff Arts.


    Requirement: Character must inflict Stun on an enemy.
    Sucks not being able to move, huh? Melee attacks!: +25% damage and +100 TP per hit.
    You won't miss now. Fire!: +25% damage and +50 TP per hit.
    Stunned 'em! Now weaken them even more!: +1 tier to debuff Arts.


    Requirement: Character must inflict Sleep on an enemy.
    They're asleep! Finish them with a melee attack!: +100% damage.
    Let's blow some holes in this dreamer!: +100% damage.
    The enemy's off guard! Now send 'em to hell!: Inflict Blaze I.


    Requirement: Character must inflict Bind on an enemy.
    Caught 'em! Now hit 'em where it hurts!: +150% damage.
    Don't worry about hitting me! Just shoot!: +150% damage.
    Get in and hit this freak so it stops squirming!: +1 second to Bind duration per hit.

Skell Crush

    Requirement: Limb of a Skells must be destroyed.
    My Skell's slowing down! Recovery!: Restore 30% appendage HP.
    Move in and give them a taste of their own medicine!: +400% appendage damage.
    My Skell's a wreck, but we've still got plenty of ammo!: +200% appendage damage.

Wrecked Skell

    Requirement: Character's Skell is removed from the combat after being destroyed.
    Heal up and stand your ground! It's not a total loss!: +400% Soul Heals and acquire Invincibility II.
    Buff me up! I've got a bone to pick with that freak!: +3,000 TP.
    If they want to push us, they'll get what's coming. Overdrive!: 50% appendage HP and full Art cooldown.

Running on Empty

    Requirement: Skells's fuel falls under 30% while in combat.
    Low fuel? Gimme a boost!: Replenish 15% fuel.
    I need a re-up to ride this out!: Replenish 10% fuel and +1,000 GP.
    We can't afford to lose this Skell! Gimme a fix!: Replenish 10% fuel and 10% appendage HP.

Back To The Future reference

Professor B, found in the Industrial District, is a reference to Doc Brown from the Back To The Future series of movies. He claims to be from the future. Complete his mission to unlock Factory 1.21 AM, which is a reference to the 1.21 gigawatts of energy required to power the DeLorean.

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