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Boss Tent

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Boss Tent at Craft Island.

Yoshi Hut

Collect all five Yarn Rolls in any level to make the Yoshi Hut appear in the main hub on Craft Island. Go there to change your Yoshi's appearance, based on the Yoshis that were saved.

Star-S level

Collect all Flowers in every level, including the special levels, to unlock the Star-S level at the main hub.

Bonus Yoshi colors

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Yoshi:

    Bronze Yoshi: Defeat Bosses 1 to 4 in the Boss Tent.
    Gold Yoshi: Defeat Bosses 9 to 12 in the Boss Tent.
    Silver Yoshi: Defeat Bosses 5 to 8 in the Boss Tent.
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