Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Strategy Guide


Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock Lo's Story, film clips, in game clips, mini-games, endings, the best score (Jen: A , Shu Lien: B, etc.), a documentary/interview on how Ubisoft made the game, a costume gallery, and comics.

Film clips

Successfully get an "A" rank on every level and scene. The minimum for getting an "A" rank is, A, B, B or A, A, B. To do this easily, block a lot of a Boss' moves, and do specials on enemies during the game. Also, do not die.

    Bamboo Forest: Li Mu Bai's Scene 4
    Death of Jade Fox: Li Mu Bai's Scene 5
    Desert Part 1: Jen's Scene 4
    Desert Part 2: Jen's Scene 5
    Dojo Duel Part 1: Shu Lien's Scene 3
    Dojo Duel Part 2: Shu Lien's Scene 4
    Dojo Duel Part 3: Shu Lien's Scene 5
    Ending: Lo's Story
    Golden Hills Part 1: Li Mu Bai's Scene 1
    Golden Hills Part 2: Li Mu Bai's Scene 2
    Introduction: Lo's Story
    Jen's Teaser: Jen's Scene 3
    Mu Bai's Teaser: Li Mu Bai's Scene 3
    Restaurant Fight: Shu Lien's Scene 1
    Show Off: Lo's Story
    Shu's Teaser: Shu Lien's Scene 2
    Theft Part 1: Jen's Scene 1
    Theft Part 2: Jen's Scene 2

Alternate endings

You can change the endings by collecting special herbs and by your in-game performance (get "A", "B", "C", etc. ranks).

Jen's comb

Hit Lo with an attack before you fight him outside of Lo's Cave.

Combo blocking

Repeatedly press L.

Turtle Stone

During the fight with Jen (second time) using Li Mu Bai, find the bell and break it. The Turtle Stone should fall out.

Completing survival mode

Pay attention to your health. Get a weapon quickly. Look for items. There will be a mini-Boss for every 70 or 100 opponents that you defeat. Play a New Game Plus frequently to get a lot of strength. By completing this mode, you will unlock new costumes. Try to use Shu Lien and Mu Bai in this mode.

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