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Strategy Guide - Gauntlet 2
Strategy Guide - Mortal Kombat 2
Strategy Guide - Mortal Kombat 3
Strategy Guide - Narc
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Mortal Kombat 2

Random character

At the fighter selection screen, press Up + A.

Disable throws in versus mode game

After both fighters have been selected, hold Down + HP on player one and two's controls. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Display top fifteen players

During attract mode, press Down.

Fight against Jade

Progress through the game until the match the precedes the "?" match. Defeat your opponent using just low kicks. Jade will now be your opponent during the "?" match.

Fight against Noob Saibot

Win 50 consecutive matches.

Fight against Smoke

Press Down + Start when Dan says "Toasty" on the Bridge stage.


Accumulate 250 battles at the versus screen. Both players can play the Pong mini-game.

Mortal Kombat 3

Random character

At the fighter selection screen, press Up + A.

Special move for Reptile

Repeatedly press HP and press Forward and Reptile will spit poison.

Kombat Kodes

At the VS screen, press the following buttons to activate the following Kombat Kodes. Note: The player one portion of the codes must be entered before the player two portion.

Infinite run

    Player one: Press LP(4), BL(6), LK(6).
    Player two: Press LP(4), BL(6), LK(6).

Play as Smoke

    Player one: Press HP(1), BL(9), HK(2).
    Player two: Press HP(2), LP(2), BL(2), LK(3), HK(4).

Fight Galaga

    Player one: Press LP(6), BL(4), LK(2).
    Player two: Press LP(4), BL(6), LK(8).

Fight Motaro

    Player one: Press LP(9), BL(6), LK(9).
    Player two: Press LP(1), BL(4), LK(1).

Fight Noob Saibot

    Player one: Press LP(7), BL(6), LK(9).
    Player two: Press LP(3), BL(4), LK(2).

Fight Shao Kahn

    Player one: Press BL(3), LK(3).
    Player two: Press LP(5), BL(6), LK(4).

Fight Smoke

    Player one: Press LP(2), LK(5).
    Player two: Press LP(2), LK(5).

Dark Kombat

    Player one: Press LP(6), BL(8), LK(8).
    Player two: Press LP(4), BL(2), LK(2).

Psycho Kombat

    Player one: Press LP(9), BL(8), LK(5).
    Player two: Press LP(1), BL(2), LK(5).

Randper Kombat

    Player one: Press LP(4), BL(6).
    Player two: Press LP(4), BL(6).

Blocks disabled

    Player one: Press BL(2).
    Player two: Press BL(2).

Throws disabled

    Player one: Press LP.
    Player two: Press LP.

Player one has 1/4 energy

    Player one: Press LP(7), LK(4).

Player two has 1/4 energy

    Player two: Press LP(7), LK(7).

No life bars

    Player one: Press LP(9), BL(8), LK(7).
    Player two: Press LP(1), BL(2), LK(3).

Primal Rage

Alternate costumes

At the character selection screen, highlight a fighter, then press 1 + 2, 1 + 3, or 1 +4.

Hidden bowling mini-game

Note: The hidden bowling mini-game is available only in two player mode, on any stage. Both players must play with Armadon and perform the Spinning Death (1 + 3, Away, Toward, Down) move simultaneously three times in a row (colliding). If done correctly, both players and their worshippers will walk off screen for a bowling game. Humans are used as pins, and the players bowl themselves by using the Spinning Death move.

Total Carnage


Enter one of the following passwords at the high score screen:

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