Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma

Strategy Guide

Level select

At the main menu, select the "Profiles" option. Highlight the option for "Jasmine Curry", then press L + R + Y + B. All levels will now be unlocked. Note: You will not be able to save the game while this code is enabled.

Avoiding turrets

When the turrets are shooting you, roll all the way and do not run.

Defeating Algo

On the last mission, when you have to fight Algo, to kill him quicker aim for the muzzle when he fires then move up slightly and fire. This will kill him faster.

Defeating Jong Ho

Equip the .45, then hide behind the crates to the right of the full ammo supply. Place your center bead on him and fire. He will eventually die. Do not worry about getting a clear shot, as you will see with incoming enemies they will die easily.

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