NBA Ballers: Phenom



Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes at the vs. screen where there are three basketballs before a game begins to activate the corresponding cheat function. The first number represents how many times X is pressed. The second number represents how many times B is pressed. The third number represents how many times Y is pressed. End the code by pressing the D-pad in any direction. For example, press X, B(3), Y(4) and any D-pad direction to activate the 1 3 4 cheat. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Note: Some cheats require agreement from both players and most will not work online. Also, the "Alternate Gear" code will only work after you have unlocked the alternate gear for the player you have selected.

Infinite Juice7 6 3
2x Juice replenish4 3 1
Start with house meter half filled3 6 7
Great handles3 3 2
Super back-ins2 3 5
Super pushing3 1 5
Super steals2 1 5
Alley-Oop ability7 2 5
Back-in ability1 2 2
Fire ability7 2 2
Hotspot ability6 2 7
Pass 2 Friend ability5 3 6
Put Back ability3 1 3
Stunt ability3 7 4
Super Block ability1 2 4
Better free throws3 1 7
Perfect free throws3 2 7
Expanded move set5 1 2
Random moves3 0 0
Legal goaltending7 5 6
Alternative gear (if unlocked)1 2 3
Tournament mode0 1 1
Show shot percentage0 1 2
Speedy players2 1 3
Big head1 3 4
Paper ballers3 5 4
Baby ballers4 2 3
Kid ballers4 3 3
Young ballers4 4 3
Pygmy4 2 5

Bonus players

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock all bonus players.

Start career with extra attributes

Before starting your career, go to the KG's agent, located at the back of the rest rooms. He will be marked with "!". He will tell you that KG's phone is lost. After that, go to the very left of Hollywood City. You will find the phone next to the basketball seller. Then, go to your closet and select "Shoes" then look for KG's shoes. They will give you +16 Power, + 15 Speed, +10 Stamina and -3 Ball Handling. Also, go to "Bottoms" and look for "Pregame Specials". They will give you an extra +7 Speed, +11 Stamina, +4 Ball Handling . Then, start your career.

Peja Diamond in Venice Beach

When you enter Venice Beach, go to your left. You should see Peja's shootout machine and your ball will start to flash, indicating that you must bounce it off the machine. You actually must do an Off the Heezie on the machine. To do this, stand by the machine, then click and hold the Left Analog-stick and press X to do an Off The Heezie to the machine and get a diamond.

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