Operation Flashpoint: Elite


Cheat mode

Enter "Dentist Guba", "QA Tester", or "XaX 1985" as a case-sensitive profile name. Then while playing the game, hold L + White to display the cheat menu. Keeping L + White held, press Up or Down to highlight a cheat option, then press Right to enable it. Note: Each profile name unlocks a different set of cheat options. The "Dentist Guba" profile name will unlock the "Enhanced View Distance" and "More Wildlife" options. The "QA Tester" profile name will unlock the "Show Hide U/I", "Skip Mission", "Time Accel", and "Unlock Missions" options. The "XaX 1985" profile name will unlock the "Low FPS Detection", "MP Lag Diagnostics", and "Unlock Objects in Editor" options. If desired, the options for all three profile names can be enabled at the same time.

Christmas theme

Set the system date to December 25th for Christmas trees to appear in some levels.


When you make and design your own level, add East Side bots. When it says to place the object, put it in the middle of a tree. When you go to this tree while previewing it, notice that the man is in the shape of a Kangaroo and has a baby Kangaroo for a gun or grenade.

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