Street Fighter is one of the games that helped put fighting games on the map. Now of course there always has been a debate which fighting games where better Capcom's or SNK? I happen to enjoy both but I really wanted to get my hands on this on for the online play. I was disappointed when Sony got the PS2 version last summer. While the Xbox version is only being released this February. I don't normally plug a product during a preview but if your planning on getting this one and taking it online. You may want to get your self one of the limited Edition Street Fighter controllers and the adapter to use this on your Xbox. The controllers are specially made to enhance the moves and the Xbox controller simply is not made for the right angles needed to make the right moves fast enough.

Now the game is a bit misleading in the title however, fans of the series probably won't mind. The game looks faithful to the series and all of your favorite fighters are going to be in the game. I have already touched on the main concern fans of the series had and that was the control issues. Even if you do not get one of the special controllers the game will be easier to control.

Fans of the series have waited long enough for a decent collection of the games and it looks like in February they will get their wish. Fans may remember that there was a version released last year that was region free and worked with the Xbox live features. This version was recalled quickly and Capcom has insured that this new version will allow players to compete online against anyone anywhere. Just like the recalled import version Capcom stated that this was an error on their part and needed to recall the version.

Now after having a chance to own the game early and several delays the game is finally ready to be played in North America. I have spoken to players who own the game in other counties and each one has said the game offers great graphics and smooth controls. The Xbox live feature will certainly be a huge draw for fans of the series. Take a look at the screen shots and be sure to check out your local retailer as some neat bonus items are being given way with pre-orders. If you're a die hard fan of Street Fighter, you'll want to own this collection, especially if you're itching to take on the world.


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System: X, PS2
Dev: Capcom
Pub: Capcom
Released: Feb 2005
Players: 1 - 2 Online
Preview by Chris