Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run


Spy Hunter arcade game

In the "Cleaning Up" level, go past the room with all the melee weapons in cases to find a room with a projection TV and a Spy Hunter arcade machine in the corner. Approach the game and an "Insert Coin" prompt will appear. Press A to unlock a remake of the Spy Hunter arcade game.

Challenge levels

Earn the indicated rank the listed number of times to unlock the corresponding challenge level:

    Boat Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank once
    Bomb Challenge: "Operative" rank two times
    Motorcycle Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank four times
    Slo Mo Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank eight times
    Survival Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank six times
    Tank Challenge: "Spy Hunter" rank two times

Micro Machine Gun

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Micro Machine Gun.

Tactical Machine Gun

Earn an "Operative" rank in all twelve missions to unlock the Tactical Machine Gun.

Vindicator Machine Gun

Earn a "Spy Hunter" rank in all twelve missions to unlock the Vindicator Machine Gun.

Attract mode

Successfully complete Level 1 to unlock Attract mode.

Rock Mocap movie

Successfully complete Level 2 to unlock the Rock Mocap movie.


Successfully complete Level 3 to unlock the trailer.

Rock Bottom move

Stun an enemy by holding Y while very close. Then, hold Y for Alex Decker to do the Rock Bottom (The Rock's wrestling finisher).

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