SX Superstar


Get a new girlfriend

Win three races in championship mode to get a new girlfriend.

Quick start

During the countdown at the beginning of a race, do not hold A. Instead, press A as "Go!" appears, and you will launch off the starting line.

Bigger air

To get bigger air, hold L as you go up the ramp. Release L (ideally when the gauge is full) at the lip of the ramp.

Realistic back flip

Since the back flip trick goes very fast and looks unrealistic, there is another and much better looking way to do one. Use the "Bigger air" trick. After you launch off the ramp, hold Back and you will do a better looking and more realistic back flip. You can also do a front flip like this, but it requires some skill, and big air.

Get behind start at Grand Canyon World Record jump

When the countdown begins, hold Analog-stick Back and press A until you fall off the bike. The game will then start you behind the "wall". To get out of this area, go to the left corner and wheelie out.



    No Hander: Press Up + Y.
    Point Left: Press Left + Y.
    Point Right: Press Right + Y.
    Heart Attack: Press Down + Y.
    Saran Wrap: Press Up/Left + Y.
    Cliff hanger: Press Up/Right + Y.
    Bar Hop: Press Down/Left + Y.
    Nac Nac: Press Down/Right + Y.


    Cordova: Press Up + B.
    Seat Grab: Press Left + B.
    Clicker: Press Right + B.
    Superman: Press Down + B.
    Rodeo: Press Up/Left + B.
    Vertical: Press Up/Right + B.
    Scissors: Press Down/Left + B.
    Lazy Boy: Press Down/Right + B.


    Pendulum: Press Up + B + Y.
    Handstand: Press Left + B + Y.
    Can Can: Press Right + B + Y.
    Back Flip: Press Down + B + Y.
    Reverse Seat: Press Up/Left + B + Y.
    Somersault: Press Up/Right + B + Y.
    Surfer: Press Down/Left + B + Y.
    Airwalk: Press Down/Right + B + Y.
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