Tak: The Great Juju Challenge

Strategy Guide



Make Tak's head big or small

While the game is loading, press Right Analog-stick Up to make Tak's head big or Right Analog-stick Down to make it small. Press A to jump and Y to make sparking puffs to appear from Tak's rear.


Go under Juju potions and select "Universal Card". Then, put in the following numbers for bugs, crystals, and fruits:

    Particle effects: 24, 40, 11
    More particle effects: 48, 57, 57
    Bonus music: 6, 18, 3
    More bonus music: 67, 8, 20
    Bonus sound effects: 20, 17, 5
    More bonus sound effects: 50, 84, 92
    Juju concept art: 33, 22, 28
    Vehicle concept art: 11, 55, 44
    World concept art: 83, 49, 34
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