All parks

While in any park, press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, X to unlock all parks.

All rides

While in any park, press X, B, Y, X, B, Y(2) to unlock all rides.

Extra $50,000

While in any park, press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, A.

Mission completion

While in any park, press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, B. Then at the mission selection screen, press X to complete the highlighted mission and unlock the next mission. Note: Each time Square is pressed on a highlighted mission, the rank of the completion increases (from bronze, to silver, and finally gold). To reverse your progression on a mission, press B at the mission selection screen to remove the highlighted mission medal.


Get a 100% game completion to unlock the final two mini-games.

Easy friendship

Tap A on the Chat menu instead of choosing which is the best conversation for someone.

Easy money

In Career mode, get good rides and leave the game running while you are sleeping. You should have lots of money afterwards.

Faster Romance

Play the Flirt mini-game instead of the regular conversation. Note: This option only becomes available after you reach the Love Interest level.

Keep pressing the third icon to either become their friend or sweetheart faster.

Different hat style

Change the Hat Stall theme. To do this, press X, then choose "Inventory". Select the Hat Stall, select "Customize Style", then choose the themes. Change it with Left or Right.

Star Wars reference

When you play the Flirt mini-game and the topic is "Galaxy Far, Far Away", your character will say something similar to "In my opinion, Anakin Skywalker is the best Star Wars character ever".

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