Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!
Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character at the Candy City Hub:

    Choose Goose (NPC): Successfully complete Floor 10.
    Flame Princess: Successfully complete Floor 80.
    Ice King: Successfully complete Floor 20.
    Lemongrab: Successfully complete Floor 70.
    Lumpy Space Princess: Successfully complete Floor 10.
    Mr. Pig (NPC): Successfully complete Floor 60.
    Starchy (NPC): Successfully complete Floor 90.
    Susan Strong (NPC): Successfully complete Floor 50.
    Tree Trunks (NPC): Successfully complete Floor 20.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Thank You (15 points): Complete a Quest for the Princess.
    Mystery Dungeon (15 points): Survive a Dungeon segment (exit at Checkpoint).
    Hot Deals in the Ice Kingdom (15 points): Purchase something from Choose Goose.
    Who Would Win (15 points): Upgrade Rowdiness once.
    The Meaning of Bravery (15 points): Upgrade Thumps once.
    Lady & Peebles (15 points): Upgrade Focus once.
    What is Life? (15 points): Upgrade Imagination once.
    Finn the Human (30 points): Max out Finn's stats.
    Jake the Dog (30 points): Max out Jake's stats.
    Daddy's Little Monster (30 points): Max out Marceline's stats.
    The Other Tarts (30 points): Max out Cinnamon Bun's stats.
    Memory of a Memory (15 points): Use a Special Attack.
    Another Way (15 points): Perform a perfect block.
    One Last Job (15 points): Grab 50 treasures worth of Treasure in a Treasure Floor.
    Vault of Bones (15 points): Survive a Monster Floor.
    I Remember You (20 points): Upgrade a Sub-Weapon to a stronger Sub-Weapon.
    Fruit Salad Days (20 points): Eat every different Food item at least once.
    BMO Lost (50 points): Find all of BMO's game cartridges.
    The Ultimate Party Dip (20 points): Pick up every type of Item.

Additionally, there are 27 secret achievements:

    Evicted! (15 points): Outrun the stampeding prisoners.
    Freak City (15 points): Receive a Curse.
    Dungeon (15 points): Outsmart the Demon Cat.
    My Two Favorite People (15 points): Put Ice King in his place.
    Reign of Gunters (15 points): Assist Gunter with a feisty feline.
    Beautopia (15 points): Rescue the Hyoomans.
    His Hero (15 points): Weather Goliad and Stormo's psychic assault.
    Hitman (15 points): Free the Earl of Lemongrab.
    Power Animal (15 points): Free Flame Princess.
    Guardians of Sunshine (15 points): Overcome the Guardians' punishment.
    Trouble in Lumpy Space (30 points): Fully upgrade LSP.
    Loyalty to the King (30 points): Fully upgrade Ice King.
    You Made Me (30 points): Fully upgrade Lemongrab.
    Hot to the Touch (30 points): Fully upgrade Flame Princess.
    Business Time (15 points): Complete all of Princess Bubblegum's Quests.
    Tree Trunks (15 points): Complete all of Tree Trunks' Quests.
    Princess of Rad Hats (15 points): Complete all of Susan Strong's Quests.
    Dream of Love (15 points): Complete all of Mr. Pig's Quests.
    Grumpy Butt (15 points): Complete all of Starchy's Quests.
    The New Frontier (15 points): Entered the Nightosphere.
    What Have you Done? (15 points): Uncover Bubblegum's dark secret.
    It Came from the Nightosphere (30 points): Survive 15 Floors in one Nightosphere run.
    Return to the Nightosphere (30 points): Survive 25 Floors in one Nightosphere run.
    The Limit (90 points): Survive 50 Floors in one Nightosphere run.
    Crystals Have Power (30 points): Collect every Token.
    What Was Missing (30 points): Collect every Sub-Weapon.
    All the Little People (20 points): Locate every Familiar.
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