Crash Time 2

Note: This game is also titled Alarm For Cobra 11: Burning Wheels.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    A Good Start (1 point): Solve the first case.
    Progress (25 points): Achieve 25 % game progress.
    A Fast Career (50 points): Achieve 50 % game progress.
    Becoming a Legend (75 points): Achieve 75 % game progress.
    Supercop (100 points): Achieve 100 % game progress.
    Kaput (5 points): Turn your car into scrap metal.
    The Two-Wheeler (10 points): Skillfully remove at least 2 wheels.
    Hot Ride (10 points): Collect all parts of the MadCop.
    Amateur (10 points): Win 10 single races.
    Pro (50 points): Win 50 single races.
    Records (30 points): Reach a speed of 450 kph.
    Garage Owner (20 points): Unlock all cars.
    A Long Way (30 points): Drive uninterrupted on patrol for 30 minutes.
    Red Herring (100 points): Find the red herring.
    The Big Jump (10 points): Jump across the bridge construction site.
    High Dive (5 points): Jump into the Rhine, defying death.
    A Deep Fall (5 points): Fall from a height of at least 30 m.
    Long Jump (50 points): Jump over a distance of at least 100 m.
    Manual Labor (20 points): Drive 50 km using a stick shift.
    Swashbuckler (10 points): Destroy 10 opponents.
    Road Rage (20 points): Make 100 vehicles explode.
    Running Amok (10 points): Cause damage amounting to 1,000,000 in a row.
    Insurance Nightmare (50 points): Cause damage amounting to 10,000,000 in one race.
    State of Emergency (100 points): Cause damage amounting to 1,000,000,000.
    Driving on Eggshells (100 points): Win a race without causing damage.
    The Bomb (10 points): Destroy 1,000 objects.
    Soar Like an Eagle (20 points): Get airborne 200 times.
    The Grouch (1 point): Honk your horn 1 time.
    Into the Past (8 points): Drive backwards for 200 m.
    Cheater (10 points): Be reset 100 times.
    The Navigator (10 points): Drive 2 km in the parking garage.
    Change of Scene (10 points): Change the scenario 10 times.
    A Matter of Speed (15 points): Drive at 280 kph for 15 seconds.
    Close Encounters (10 points): Crash into traffic 100 times.
    Shopping Spree (10 points): Drive straight through a supermarket.
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