A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Primary Directive (15 points): Finish the game with Ares.
    But That's Another Story (15 points): Finish the game with Tarus.
    Unlimited Power! (20 points): Finish every chapter without using repair.
    I AM the Destroyer! (10 points): Achieve character level '4'.
    Behold! My True Strength! (15 points): Achieve character level '5'.
    Universal Soldier (20 points): Achieve character level '6'.
    The First of Many... (10 points): Beat Goliath.
    ...Should've Brought a Friend! (15 points): Beat Carrion with both Ares and Tarus.
    Break the shell (10 points): Beat Zypher Pod with Ares.
    Armored Saint (5 points): Find the drone repair bay.
    Secondary Directive (15 points): Beat the boss in chapter 5 with Ares.
    Not-So-Mighty Zytron Rangers (10 points): Beat Zytron Walker, Zytron Trooper and Zytron Booster with Tarus.
    I Feel Mighty, Oh So Mighty! (5 points): Get stronger!.
    It's the Only Way (15 points): Beat the boss in chapter 5 with Tarus.
    And Don't Come Back! (15 points): Perfect the Goliath boss fight.
    ...Not Nearly Long Enough (15 points): Perfect the Carrion boss fight.
    It was a Freakin' Bug Hunt! (15 points): Perfect the Zypher Pod boss fight.
    It's Just My Size (15 points): Perfect the Sentinel boss fight.
    So Much Fail... (20 points): Perfect the boss fight in chapter 5 with Tarus.
    Embrace the Dark Side (20 points): Perfect the boss fight in chapter 5 with Ares.
    ...Not Nearly Big Enough (15 points): Perfect the Prime Guardian boss fight.
    Oh, the Humanity! (20 points): Perfect the Minos Cannon boss fight.
    Ready for Action (15 points): Acquire all abilities and weapons.
    Bookworm (15 points): Collect all the Data cubes.
    I Have the Power! (15 points): Collect all Upgrade chips.
    Shield Breaker (5 points): Break the enemy's shield with Plasma Shock or Lockdown.
    99 Problems but a Hit Ain't One (5 points): Achieve 99 attack combo.
    Set Phaser to KILL! (10 points): Upgrade one of your weapons to its maximum level.
    Vulgar Display of Power (15 points): Upgrade every weapon and ability to its maximum level.
    Bursting with Energy (5 points): Destroy 5 or more enemies, at once with Solar Strike.
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