Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Nice Pitch, K? (5 points): Strike out a batter.
    Patience is a Virtue (5 points): Get a walk while at bat.
    Tick Tock (5 points): Get blowed up real good by a Ticking Time Ball.
    Ribby (10 points): Congratulations on your first RBI!.
    Savin' the Day! (10 points): Change pitchers before the final inning and win the game.
    First W (10 points): Congratulations on your first win!.
    No Quarter Given (10 points): Earn a win through the mercy rule.
    Going... Going... (10 points): Hit one out of the park.
    Out of This World (10 points): Hit a home run off a Meteor Ball.
    There is No Spoon (10 points): Successfully hit a Mirage Ball.
    Houston, We Have a Problem (10 points): Strike out a batter using the Rocket Ball.
    Great Balls of Fire! (15 points): Earn a double or better with the Fire Bat.
    Like Cy (15 points): Win a game without changing pitchers.
    Ice Catch! (15 points): Freeze a fielder using The Icicle.
    3 Up, 3 Down (20 points): Strike out three batters in one inning.
    Double Play! (20 points): Get two runners out in a single play.
    Like Bill (20 points): Win a game with a walk off home run.
    Double! (20 points): Hit for a double.
    Greased Lightning (20 points): Get a single on a bunt attempt.
    Back Against the Wall (20 points): Hit a home run with two strikes and zero balls.
    Decked Out (20 points): Got all the gear in Story Mode.
    Back to Back, Jack! (20 points): Hit back to back out of the park home runs.
    Slugger Star (20 points): Tony joins your team in Story Mode.
    Twin All-Stars (20 points): Sid & Ash join your team in Story Mode.
    Backyard Powerhouse (20 points): Pablo joins your team in Story Mode.
    The Cannon (20 points): Keisha joins your team in Story Mode.
    Upper Classman (20 points): Jorge joins your team in Story Mode.
    Rocket Launch (20 points): Vicki joins your team in Story Mode.
    Mac Attack (20 points): Joey joins your team in Story Mode.
    Mathlete (20 points): Dmitri joins your team in Story Mode.
    Batting Around (25 points): The whole team gets a swing during a single inning.
    Like Joe (25 points): Win in the final inning while things are looking down (5-inning game).
    Double to Nuttin' (25 points): Keep your opponent from scoring a run after leading off with a double or a triple .
    Triple! (30 points): Hit for a triple.
    Triple Play! (30 points): Get three runners out in a single play.
    Speed Demon (30 points): Steal second and third base with the same player in the same inning.
    Blast Those Quads (30 points): Get four or more hits with one player in a single game.
    Like Lou (35 points): Hit a grand slam.
    Run! Run! Run! (35 points): Hit an in-the-park homer.
    Like Nolan (35 points): Hold your opponents to zero runs (5-inning game).
    Grand Theft (35 points): Steal home.
    They Call Me Bonehead Fred (40 points): Score the winning run in the bottom of the final inning with two outs and two runners left on base.
    Cyclone (45 points): Hit for the cycle with a single player.
    Love of the Game (45 points): Defeat The Bullies in Story Mode.
    Have Mercy! (75 points): Win every Story Mode game using the mercy rule.
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