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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Rising Star (15 points): Win online game against the player with a higher rating.
    Sprinter (15 points): Win a game in less that 5 minutes.
    Sacrifice (15 points): Win a game, having 2 pieces less than the opponent.
    Annihilator (15 points): Capture all enemy pieces and then checkmate the king.
    Strategist (15 points): Win a game in less than 30 moves.
    Catcher (15 points): Capture a pawn 'En passant'.
    Reckless (15 points): Move a King to the opposite side of the board.
    Promoter (15 points): Promote a pawn into all major pieces.
    Revolutionist (15 points): Make a check by Castling.
    Defender (15 points): Complete 5 order mission.
    Champion (15 points): Complete 10 order mission.
    Fighter (15 points): Win a classic chess game by checkmate.
    Bewildered (15 points): Get stalemated.
    Hero (15 points): Complete 15 order mission.
    Fiend Lord (15 points): Complete 15 chaos mission.
    Slayer (15 points): Capture 100 pieces.
    Imp (15 points): Complete 5 chaos mission.
    Demon (15 points): Complete 10 chaos mission.
    Overmind (30 points): Win 20 games online.
    Traveler (30 points): Make 1000 turns.
    Victor (30 points): Get bronze medal in all missions.
    Vanquisher (30 points): Get silver medal in all missions.
    Perfectionist (90 points): Take gold in all missions.
    Fritz Killer (90 points): Win an AI opponent with the difficulty of 6 in a classic chess match.
    Maximalist (10 points): Get all achievements.
    Grandmaster (90 points): Achieve online rating 1200.
    Renaissance Man (90 points): Complete all challenges, puzzles and missions.
    Explorer (30 points): Win one game in each of the game modes.
    Immortal (30 points): Capture 5 pieces with one piece in one game.
    Persecutor (15 points): Make check 10 times in one game.
    Torturer (15 points): Make check by 5 different pieces in one game.
    God's Beloved (30 points): Promote 3 pawns in one game.
    Universal Soldier (30 points): Make checkmate by all pieces.
    Adventurer (30 points): Play 100 games.
    Gambler (30 points): Complete 20 levels of the Mana Gathering challenge.
    Sage (30 points): Complete all puzzles.
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