Beards And Beaks

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Pint-sized Hercules (5 points): Capture a heavy treasure using only 1 gnome without dropping or assisting.
    Eviction Notice (10 points): Eject 20 enemies from garrisons.
    Pull! (5 points): Hurl 5 or more crows with 1 boulder.
    Get off Our Lawn! (20 points): Complete the Gnomeville levels.
    Meadow Masters (20 points): Complete the Meadow levels.
    Team Effort (10 points): Use at least 4 gnomes to collect a heavy treasure.
    Solo Performance (5 points): Complete a multi-gnome level by fielding only 1 gnome.
    Brothers in Arms (5 points): Complete a multi-type level with only 1 type of gnome.
    Divine Intervention (10 points): Use a mushroom power for the first time.
    Feather Collector (15 points): Defeat 100 crows.
    Putting Hair on Your Chin (20 points): Complete the first level of Gnomeville.
    Goaltending (5 points): Knock 10 treasures out of crow possession right in front of their base.
    It's Not Called a Bird Paddle (5 points): Hurl 5 crows into water.
    A Murder of a Murder (10 points): Defeat 5 crows in less than 5 seconds.
    Down to the Wire (5 points): Finish a base defense level with your bases having less than 10% health remaining.
    Flickmaster (10 points): Perform more than 1,000 flicks.
    Mushroom-Fueled Excess (10 points): Win a level using every mushroom power.
    It's Too Quiet (5 points): On any map with more than 6 crows, sideline all crows at the same time.
    The Shiny Things Are Mine! (10 points): Complete the third level of Gnomeville.
    Savior of Shiny Things (15 points): You've captured more than 100 treasures.
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