Beat Drop

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Everybody Gets A Trophy (10 points): Finished "Look Up".
    Thanks For Being A Fan (20 points): Finished "Euphoric".
    Bass Breaker (20 points): Smashed through 100 times.
    Gated Community (60 points): Scored 500 gates.
    I'm Gonna Wreck It (90 points): Smashed 1000 debris.
    Over 9000 (110 points): Scored over 9000 points on "Look Up!".
    Euphoria (180 points): Scored over 15000 points on "Euphoric".
    Underachiever (100 points): Scored fewer than 1000 points on "Look up!".
    Slow Turtle (30 points): Got a very low depth on "Look Up!".
    Turtles All The Way Down (60 points): Got a very high depth on "Euphoric".
    Addicted To Bass (80 points): Used bass boost five times in one level.
    Tom Hanks (20 points): Triggered a bass boost.
    Boom Badoom Boom, Boom Badoom Boom (50 points): Broke 30 debris in one bass boost.
    Use Triggers To Spin (40 points): You can use the triggers to spin!.
    Avatars Not Included (90 points): You would be great at Avatar Drop!.
    Top It Off (10 points): Used a bass boost refill.
    Aerial Refueling (30 points): Used ten bass boost refills.
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