Beautiful Katamari

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Endless mode

Get 100 points in a level to unlock Endless mode for that level. There is no time limit or goal in Endless mode.

Formal costume

Collect 100% of the items to unlock the Royal costume.

Snowball fight

Bring all the cousins to the snowy island. Let them go, and press A to make a snowball. Press A to throw the snowball at a cousin. Get out of the way when they throw a snowball back at you, and try to get it to hit another cousin. This will continue until a snowball hits you or no one gets hit.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Manic Roller (20 points): Hint: Running into walls will destroy your Katamari.
    Quick Turner (10 points): Hint: Use Quick Turn to your advantage.
    Speedy Roller (10 points): Hint: Zip through the course with Dash.
    Responsible Roller (30 points): Hint: Roll through the course without bumping into any objects.
    Non-stop Roller (30 points): Hint: Roll through the course without stopping once.
    Online Roller (5 points): Play online.
    Frequent Online Roller (10 points): Play online 10 times.
    Resident Online Roller (40 points): Play online 50 times.
    100 Cookies (5 points): Obtain 100 Cookies.
    1,000 Cookies (40 points): Obtain 1,000 Cookies.
    10 Presents (5 points): Collect 10 Presents.
    20 Presents (10 points): Collect 20 Presents.
    30 Presents (20 points): Collect 30 Presents.
    All Presents (80 points): Download stages and collect all Presents.
    10 Cousins (5 points): Find 10 Cousins.
    20 Cousins (10 points): Find 20 Cousins.
    30 Cousins (20 points): Find 30 Cousins.
    40 Cousins (40 points): Find 40 Cousins.
    All Cousins (80 points): Download stages and find all Cousins.
    Collection 20% (5 points): Roll up 20% of the Collection.
    Collection 40% (10 points): Roll up 40% of the Collection.
    Collection 60% (20 points): Roll up 60% of the Collection.
    Collection 80% (40 points): Roll up 80% of the Collection.
    Request x 3 (5 points): Complete 3 Requests.
    Request x 6 (5 points): Complete 6 Requests.
    Request x 9 (20 points): Complete 9 Requests.
    All Requests (60 points): Complete all Requests.
    Mini Katamari (5 points): Make a Katamari that's 30cm or more.
    Small Katamari (5 points): Make a Katamari that's 1m or more.
    Sorta Big Katamari (5 points): Make a Katamari that's 5m or more.
    Big Katamari (10 points): Make a Katamari that's 30m or more.
    Jumbo Katamari (20 points): Make a Katamari that's 500m or more.
    Colossal Katamari (60 points): Make a Katamari that's 10,000km or more.
    Astronomic Katamari (90 points): Download stages and make a Katamari over 1,500,000km.

Additionally, there are six secret achievements:

    50 Hours Playtime (40 points): Play 50 Hours.
    Collection 100% (80 points): Roll up 100% of the Collection.
    Katamari Fan (40 points): Completed requests 100 times in Normal mode.
    100 Hours Playtime (80 points): Played for 100 hours.
    Katamari Lover (80 points): Completed Requests 200 times in Normal mode.
    Katamari Perfectionist (100 points): Completed Normal and Time mode.
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