Bejeweled 2
Change jewel types

Hold LT + LB + RT + RB and press A.

Remove background grid

Hold LT + LB + RT + RB and press B.

Original mode

Choose the "Play Game" option, then select the following options in order repeatedly: "Classic", "Action", "Endless", then "Puzzle". After several cycles, the message "Please Wait" will appear and a version of the game similar to the original Bejeweled will begin.

Cognito mode

Successfully complete all 80 Puzzle mode worlds to unlock Cognito mode.

Finity mode

Successfully complete 280 levels of Endless mode to unlock Finity mode.

Hyper mode

Successfully complete 8 levels in Action mode to unlock Hyper mode.

Twilight mode

Successfully complete 17 levels in Classic mode to unlock Twilight mode.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get Gamerscore points:

    Action Mode: Reach level 9 in Action mode.
    Cascade 8: Get an x8 Cascade.
    Hyper1000: Make 1,000 Power Gems total with the games.
    Power10000: Make 10,000 Power Gems total with the games.
    Classic Mode: Reach level 18 in Classic mode.
    Cognito Mode: Get 50,000 points in Cognito mode.
    Endless Mode: Successfully complete level 280 in Endless mode.
    Finity Mode: Reach level 9 in Finity mode.
    Hyper Mode: Reach level 9 in Hyper mode.
    Multi Mode: Unlock Twilight, Hyper, Cognito, and Finity modes.
    Puzzle Mode: Successfully complete level 80 in Puzzle mode.
    Twilight Mode: Successfully complete level 10 in Twilight mode.
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