Big Bumpin'
Pink Bumper Car

Win the Bump Master Classic to unlock the Pink Bumper Car.

Purple Bumper Car

Win the World Bump Tournament to unlock the Purple Bumper Car.

Easy Not Playing Anymore! achievement

You can earn this achievement if you do not have Xbox Live. Simply play a single player match and do not touch the puck.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    World Bump Champion (15 points): Win the World Bump tournament (the last tourney in the game).
    First Victory (10 points): Win in any game that takes place across Xbox Live.
    Slippery Like Eel (10 points): Awarded after 30 seconds without loss of health in any Last Man Standing game, online or offline.
    Mine! (20 points): Running total of points scored in games of Own The Puck played over Xbox Live equals 10 minutes.
    Outclassed! (20 points): Win a game of anything on Xbox Live without pressing "boost."
    What happened? (20 points): Finish on the winning team in any Hockey level, having only scored due to opponents own-goals.
    Knockout King (20 points): Awarded when the winning total of Knockouts (counting both online and offline) reaches 100.
    Striker (20 points): Awarded when the total number of goals scored by a player's profile reaches 100.
    Not Playing Anymore! (20 points): Finish an online game on any Own the Puck level with 0 points.
    Hat Trick (20 points): Finish a game of Hockey over Xbox Live having scored 3 or more goals.
    Win the Bump Master Classic (10 points): Win the Bump Master Classic and unlocking the bonus car.
    Charge!! (15 points): Drop off 100 points of charge in one go.
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