Avatar Awards

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

    Crom's Bottom: Self Sacrifice.
    Crom's Helmet: Perfrom a Kill move.
    Crom's Top: Collect the Gauntlet.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Inventarium Maximum (10 points): Collect all health and mana upgrades.
    Weapons of mass destruction (10 points): Collect all weapon upgrades.
    Wizbit! (10 points): Collect all Rune Attacks.
    Hail to the King baby! (15 points): Complete all challenge arenas.
    Who's your daddy? (15 points): Destroy 10 friend's challenges.
    Ah yeah! (10 points): Decimate a friend's challenge.
    Care to step outside?.. (10 points): Challenge a friend.
    Go for Broke (10 points): Defeat a challenge of the gods.
    Web of death (10 points): Perform a 75-hit combination attack.
    Like A Boss (10 points): Kill 10 enemies while they are bound with Crystals.
    Float like a butterfly... (15 points): Use the crossbow to link two attack chains together.
    Ripping a new one (15 points): Perform a perfect Rage Kill.
    Killing the one trick pony (15 points): Use 5 different attack moves during an enemy encounter.
    Tear it up (10 points): Gruesomely kill an enemy while completey enraged.
    Total Consumption (10 points): Ingest 25 runes of power.
    Now that's magic (5 points): Discover the power of magic.
    Killing Spree (10 points): Kill 5 enemies while completely enraged.
    Carnage (10 points): Tear 25 enemies to pieces.
    Guts And Glory (5 points): Destroyed 10 deadly warriors of the gods.
    Weavers of Fate (40 points): Take control of Fate.
    Shadow Blade (20 points): Kill the messenger.
    Showdown (20 points): Make the prophecy come true.
    Storm and Disease (20 points): Break Cailleach's heart.
    God of the Dead (20 points): Splatter Wodan's skull across the altar.
    Eye for an Eye (30 points): Be the last thing Balor ever sees.

Additionally, there are five secret achievements:

    Doing it wrong (5 points): Resurrect Aerten 10 times.
    Collateral Damage (5 points): Allow Balor to kill 15 of his own troops
    Leader of the pack (15 points): Hold the top rank amongst all friends on 3 battles
    Unstoppable (10 points): Obtain 3 consecutive perfect battle ranks.
    Untouchable (10 points): Defeat a Risen Fomoiri Tank without being hit.
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