Boulder Dash-XL

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Double KO (15 points): Crush 2 Monsters using a single Boulder in any Cave in Arcade Mode.
    Great Escape (25 points): Clear all Caves of Arcade Mode.
    Cogito ergo sum (20 points): Clear all Caves of Puzzle Mode.
    You are surrounded (10 points): Entrap all Amoebas in any Arcade Mode cave.
    Millionaire (15 points): Collect a total of 10.000 Diamonds in Arcade Mode.
    Verminator (20 points): Crush 100 Monsters in Arcade Mode.
    Rock Slide (10 points): Crush 10 Monsters in Arcade Mode.
    Retro Guy (20 points): Clear all Caves of Retro Mode.
    Lazy Guy (15 points): Take a break in Cave 25 of Arcade Mode.
    Prison Warden (15 points): Entrap all Amoebas in any 5 caves of the Arcade Mode.
    Mr. Shiny (15 points): Remove 1.000 tiles of Dirt in Arcade Mode!
    Chain Reactor (20 points): Create a Chain Combo of at least 100 Diamonds in Arcade Mode.
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