Bound By Flame
Easy "Firestarter", "Master At Arms", and "Master Ranger" achievements

To get one of the three skill tree completion achievements, you need to put 36 skill points into one of the three skill trees. To get all three skill tree completion achievements, you have to put a total of 108 skill points into all three skill trees. Normally you would not be able to complete more than one skill tree during a single playthrough. To get all three skill tree completion achievements during one playthrough, reach Level 19 without using any skill points. You can still use any earned Feat points, as they do not count. Once you reach Level 19, you will have earned enough skill points to max out a single skill tree. Before using the skill points, save your game. Then, complete one of the skill trees. Load your saved game, then complete the second skill tree. Load your saved game again, and complete the third skill tree. You should now have unlocked the "Firestarter", "Master At Arms", and "Master Ranger" achievements.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Beasted (15 points): You have bested a Juggernaut... and that's just the beginning!
    General demoted (15 points): You have slain a Deadwalker General and saved the village of Valvenor from a massacre.
    Farewell my Concubine (15 points): Your aggressive stance on polygamy has taken its first victim in Blackfrost's entourage.
    ...the harder they fall (15 points): You have bested Lord Blackfrost himself!
    The one and only Lord (10 points): You have stripped the Ice Lords of their power and taken control of Vertiel.
    Purifying fire (15 points): You decided that there was nothing left of Vertiel to save, and taken extreme measures.
    Sacrifice (15 points): Your heroic actions have saved Vertiel...and you have paid with your own life.
    Unleash the Beast (30 points): To hell with humanity, even your own: you have decided that the power is worth the sacrifice.
    Humanist (30 points): You have controlled the inner voice and taken care to preserve your humanity until the end.
    Mercenary (110 points): Either for love of your fellow human or simple greed, you have accomplished your 20th side quest.
    Ice breaker (30 points): You have melted Edwen's frosty facade. Or at least, she checks you out when you're not looking.
    Romance with pointy ears (30 points): You have bested Rhelmar at his own game: The ladykiller Elf has a crush on you.
    Erudite love (30 points): Responding both to your kindness, and your advances, the ravishing Sybil has the hots for you.
    Chivalrandy (30 points): Randval has abandoned his deathwish while succumbing to your charms. Double whammy!
    Patron (20 points): You proved yourself a guardian of the seekers of knowledge by fulfilling all of Sybil's missions.
    A fulfilled elf (20 points): You have shown Rhelmar he can count on you.
    Without fear, without reproach (20 points): You have helped Randval resolve all of his personal problems...well, most of them anyway.
    At the lady's service (20 points): You have made the effort to respond to all of Edwen's demands. She even thanked you....once.
    Hawk (25 points): You have reached the end of Bound by Flame. Not bad, for a scout.
    Buffalo (45 points): As a good veteran, you have managed to complete Bound by Flame under difficult conditions.
    Captain (110 points): As a worthy Captain, you have completed Bound by Flame under the most extreme conditions.
    Just a warm-up (10 points): You learn to use your weapons. 25 people have already done so before you.
    Just a warning (30 points): You had earned the curiosity of the Ice Lords. 75 kills later, you have their attention.
    Just a slaughter (110 points): With 150 victims, you are officially the bane of the Deadwalkers.
    Shot your bolt (10 points): Thanks to you, 50 crossbow bolts have found a new home in your enemies' flesh.
    Bloody hell (10 points): You have killed 50 enemies with a dagger. People often talk about you to frighten small children.
    Quite a hammering (10 points): You have slain or re-slain more than 50 enemies with a warhammer. That is rather violent.
    Sword it out (10 points): 49 enemies killed with a sword. You crossed the line...and then some.
    Psycho killer (10 points): You have slain enough victims with an axe to fuel urban legends for centuries to come.
    It's a trap! (10 points): You like setting booby-traps and they work. More than twenty have already fallen to them.
    I'm on fire (10 points): You have transformed your enemies into flaming torches 50 times. They have probably got the message.
    First come, first served (10 points): Knowing that no one would argue with you, you have looted 20 chests.
    And I don't throw things away (10 points): You've learned to recycle objects that you no longer need, instead of throwing them away.
    Craftsmanship (10 points): Congratulations! With all the objects you have made, you could open up a store.
    Blacksmith (10 points): You have learned the secrets of improving weapons and armour.
    Vulture (10 points): You have learned the habit of looting the bodies of fallen enemies. That's war for you...
    Chrysalid (10 points): You have played the poison card more than 50 times. It works every time.
    First steps (10 points): You have upgraded your first skill, and improved your chances of survival at the same time.
    Master at arms (20 points): There is no better warrior than you in all of Vertiel. Even among the Freeborn Blades.
    Master Ranger (20 points): The Ranger skills hold no more secrets for you.
    Firestarter (20 points): Skill after skill, you have truly mastered the art of playing with fire.
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