Capcom Arcade Cabinet

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Stage 4 Clear (Unknown): Clear Stage Four. (COMMANDO)
    Stage 8 Clear (Unknown): Clear Stage Eight. (COMMANDO)
    Onus on the Bonus (Unknown): Notch up a Stage Clear Bonus of 2,000 points or more. (The Speed Rumbler)
    Road Trip (Unknown): Reach the end of Zap Town and clear the game. (The Speed Rumbler)
    Crossed Out (Unknown): Defeat Tricross. (SAVAGE BEES)
    EX-terminator (Unknown): Defeat EXED EXES. (SAVAGE BEES)
    Daredevil (Unknown): Destroy a group of three Great Devils without escaping. (SONSON)
    Bless You (Unknown): Earn the Buddha's blessing. (SONSON)
    Reach for the Stars (Unknown): Find a Starfish in a flashing barrel. (PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU)
    Squid Pro Quo (Unknown): Find a Squid in a flashing barrel. (PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU)
    Ace Shot (Unknown): Score a 100% destruction rate. (1942)
    Lord of the Skies (Unknown): Defeat the enemy and put an end to the war. (1942)

The following achievements require the "Game Pack 1" bonus downloadable content:

    Art Lover (20 points): Unlocked a picture in the Gallery.
    AAA (20 points): Set a new record on the High Score table.
    Arcade Master (50 points): Cleared a game.
    Arcade Legend (120 points): Cleared a game without using any Continues.
    Retro Rookie (20 points): Clock in 2 hours of playing time.
    Retro Gamer (40 points): Clock in 10 hours of playing time.
    Retro Obsessive (100 points): Clock in 50 hours of playing time.
    Slaying the Blues (5 points): Defeated the Blue Dragon. (BLACK TIGER)
    Whackin' Black (5 points): Defeated the Black Dragon. (BLACK TIGER)
    Street Fighter (5 points): Defeated 100 enemies. (AVENGERS)
    Gangbuster (5 points): Defeated Geshita. (AVENGERS)
    Sharpshooter (5 points): Score a 100% destruction rate against Ayako mother bombers. (1943)
    You Sank My Battleship! (5 points): Sank the Battleship Yamato. (1943)

The following achievements require the "Game Pack 2" bonus downloadable content:

    Shield Wielder (5 points): Find a Shield in a pot. (GHOSTS'N GOBLINS)
    Exorcist (5 points): Defeat Astaroth. (GHOSTS'N GOBLINS)
    Fat Fighter (5 points): Defeat Fatman Joe. (GUN. SMOKE)
    Wingate Whacker (5 points): Defeat the Wingate family. (GUN. SMOKE)
    Halfway There! (5 points): Infiltrate Section O. (SECTION Z)
    Brain Dead (5 points): Destroy the L-brain. (SECTION Z)

The following achievements require the "Game Pack 3" bonus downloadable content:

    Berserker (5 points): Destroy 500 enemies. (SIDE ARMS)
    Pest Control (5 points): Defeat the final boss, Bahamut Centipede. (SIDE ARMS)
    Stage 3 Clear (5 points): Clear Stage Three. (LEGENDARY WINGS)
    Dark Destroyer (5 points): Destroy the supercomputer known as "Dark." (LEGENDARY WINGS)
    Stage 3 Clear (5 points): Clear Stage Three. (TROJAN)
    Achilles' Heel (5 points): Defeat Achilles. (TROJAN)
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