Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    World of Illusion (40 points): Collected all the Magic Playing Cards.
    Quackshot (40 points): Collected all of Donald's Chili Peppers.
    Masters of Illusions (80 points): Defeated Mizrabel and rescued Minnie.
    Castle Decor (20 points): Completed a Castle Statue.
    Masters of Illusion (40 points): Completed all Castle Statues.
    Pretty Picture (20 points): Unlocked a Castle Painting.
    Fortune Hunter (20 points): Found 50% of all Magic Diamonds.
    Money Bags (40 points): Found all the Magic Diamonds.
    Disillusioned (20 points): Broke the illusion of 75 enemies.
    Superbounce (40 points): Bounced on 7 enemies in a row without touching the ground
    Illusion Breaker (20 points): Broke the illusion of 25 enemies with projectiles.
    Tick Tock (20 points): Completed a stage in Time Attack mode.
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