Cloning Clyde

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Play as Mutant-Clyde

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Mutant-Clyde" option under the cheat menu.

Chicken Gamerpic

Successfully complete the Training levels to unlock the Chicken Gamerpic.

Clyde Gamerpic

Successfully complete all levels, including the bonus levels to unlock the Clyde Gamerpic.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Absurd Amphibian (10 points): Become a Frog-Clyde.
    Ancestorial Antics (14 points): Become an Ape-Clyde.
    Battle Addict (12 points): Play Versus mode.
    Becoming Baaaad (8 points): Become a Sheep-Clyde.
    D.N.Ain't (16 points): Become a Mutant-Clyde.
    Dupliclone Dash (18 points): Successfully complete levels 1 to 24 and 10 Challenge levels under the goal time.
    Foolish Freedom (20 points): Exit 75 clones through the ventilation shafts.
    Kenn Collection (15 points): Collect 50 cloned Killer Kenn Action Figures.
    Killer Kudos (25 points): Collect 100 cloned Killer Kenn Action Figures.
    King Clyde (20 points): Successfully complete all of Super-Challenge levels.
    Master of all Clyde-Dumb (30 points): Successfully complete the game.
    Poultry Party (12 points): Become a Chicken-Clyde.
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