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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Jewel of Arabia (10 points): Found a secret treasure at the very beginning of the game.
    Adventurer (100 points): Finish the Adventure campaign.
    Raider of the lost pyramid (20 points): Find the entrance to the pyramid.
    Out of the sands (20 points): Make your way through the Sakkara pyramid.
    Out of the snow (20 points): Travel through the Arctic wastelands.
    Unstoppable (25 points): Defeat Stein.
    Light of your heart (20 points): Create a picture with light at the Ice Temple.
    Heroes ex machina (20 points): Fight your way through the Arctic Mines.
    Mayan sunset (20 points): Explore the Mayan Tombs.
    From dusk to darkness (20 points): Leave the Mayan Tombs.
    King of Light (20 points): Make your way through the Mayan City.
    Heart of Atlantis (40 points): Beat the guardian of Xibalba.
    Deadfall (50 points): Fight the final foe.
    Light bearer (10 points): Collect 5 unique Power of Light treasures.
    A treasure a day (15 points): Collect 10 unique Power of Life treasures.
    The Warrior (20 points): Collect 15 unique Power of the Warrior treasures.
    Collector (40 points): Collect 50 unique treasures in Adventure mode.
    Hold your breath (15 points): Escape from the gas trap inside the Sakkara pyramid.
    Ancient engineers (10 points): Disable the crusher trap in the Arctic Base level.
    Frozen mystery (20 points): Solve the final puzzle at the Arctic Caves level in an alternate way and collect a special treasure.
    I hear the train a comin' (15 points): Unlock a hidden treasure by moving minecarts in the Mines.
    Welcome to the jungle (10 points): Explore the secret cave in the Mayan Jungle.
    Elevation (15 points): Use the elevator puzzle to reach the treasure in Mayan Tombs.
    Dead or alive (10 points): Retrieve a treasure from a mummy's hands in the Mayan City.
    Heavily protected goods (15 points): Open a locker containing a treasure in the Mayan Temple.
    Hard as a rock (10 points): Escape the crusher trap in Xibalba.
    Childhood Memories (20 points): Solve the sliding puzzle in the Ice Temple.
    First Blood (5 points): Achieve First Kill in a multiplayer match.
    Best Player (10 points): Achieve Best Score in a multiplayer match.
    Best Killer (15 points): Achieve Best K/D score in a multiplayer match.
    Untouchable (10 points): Won a multiplayer match without dying.
    Raider (10 points): Collect 100 gold statues in Treasure Hunt mode.
    Rescuer (5 points): Collect 50 silver statues in Treasure Hunt mode.
    Hunter (15 points): Kill players 100 times using traps.
    Commando (30 points): Unlock all weapons in multiplayer mode.
    Changeling (30 points): Unlock all characters in multiplayer mode.
    Illusionist (20 points): Earn 200 blessings in Treasure Hunt mode.
    Warrior (20 points): Achieve all killing spree rewards in a single match.
    Gunsmith (40 points): Unlock all automatic upgrades for all weapons.
    Veteran (40 points): Achieve highest multiplayer rank.
    There can be only one (20 points): Win 10 times in Last Man Standing mode.
    Predator (5 points): Kill 10 different opponents in a Deathmatch.
    DIY (5 points): Finish a multiplayer match, using a self made Custom Class.
    Against all odds (40 points): Survive 100 enemy waves.
    Mayan Barbecue (20 points): Kill 5 players with a fire trap during one multiplayer match.
    Lumberjack (50 points): Kill 500 Daru in survival mode.
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