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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Crab Boat Captain (15 points): Unlock Season Mode.
    Bering Sea Veteran (15 points): Complete a King Season.
    Experienced Crabber (45 points): Complete 3 King Seasons in a single career.
    Man of the Sea (75 points): Complete 5 King Seasons in a single career.
    Strung Along (15 points): Drop 50 pots in a Season.
    Money in a Cage (15 points): Bring up a full pot of Crab.
    Big Money (75 points): Sell a Total of $1,000,000 in Crab.
    All Decked Out (75 points): Fully Upgrade a Boat.
    Mr. Popular (75 points): Earned by using each Fisherman.
    Victor Delta (45 points): Complete a Season with all Crew members having very High Morale.
    Harsh Reminder (75 points): Spot a Shipwreck.
    Cetacean Location (15 points): Spot a Whale.
    Piece of the Pie (75 points): Complete a Multiplayer Game with the Maximum Number of Boats.
    Speed Junkie (55 points): Win a Gold Medal in all Harbor Dash Missions.
    Two if by Sea (75 points): Beat the High Seas Rush Mission in under 2 Minutes.
    Helping Hand (45 points): Rescue another Ship at Sea.
    Perfect Positioning (75 points): Finish a Crowded Harbor Mission without any Collisions.
    Semper Paratus (45 points): Beat all Coast Guard Missions.
    Jack of all Trades (75 points): Beat all Missions.
    Northwestern Scholar (15 points): View all Videos in the Virtual Tour.
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