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Easy "Wanted Dead Or Alive" achievement

Shoot a full clip of six rounds, and then quickly press [Reload] six times in a row to get the "Wanted Dead Or Alive" achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    I Ran (So Far Away) (5 points): Escape from the warehouse.
    Pickin' Up Strangers (20 points): Find all the IDs.
    Forget Me Nots (25 points): Find all of Randall's memories.
    Flirtin with Disaster (10 points): Tackle an enemy.
    Knockin' on Heaven's Door (10 points): Tackle a door.
    Wanted Dead or Alive (15 points): Reload the revolver really fast.
    Holding out for a Hero (5 points): Reunite with Stella.
    Never Gonna Give You Up (5 points): Find Parker in the hockey arena.
    Land Down Under (5 points): Follow the Ratman to his den.
    In the Army Now (5 points): Get to the military control.
    Spreading the disease (10 points): Get infected by a friend on the leaderboards.
    Invisible Touch (20 points): Beat the high score in Madness Mansion.
    No Pain, No Gain (20 points): Beat the high score in Sport Daisy.
    Let there be rock! (20 points): Beat the high score in Raven Thunder's Rock Legend.
    What You Need (15 points): Find the first health expander.
    Goodbye stranger (10 points): Push a zombie over a railing.
    Don't Lose Your Head (15 points): Kill an enemy with a single melee attack.
    Rust in peace (15 points): Perform a headshot.
    Go back to hell (10 points): Execute an enemy.
    Another one bites the dust (10 points): Perform a combo on an enemy.
    Lay your hands on me (10 points): Survive a close encounter.
    Jump (15 points): Roll to avoid lethal fall damage.
    I want it all (30 points): Get 100% of Deadlight.
    Come Sail Away (5 points): Make it to the end.
    Lazing on a Sunday afternoon (5 points): Face someone from Randall's past in the Park.
    Welcome to the Jungle (5 points): Reach the junkyard.
    Tainted love (25 points): Finish Randall's flashback.
    Under pressure (15 points): Finish Randall's nightmare.
    Is there anybody there? (15 points): Finish Randall's dream.
    What's on your mind (25 points): Find a page of Randall's journal.
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