Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Mutant (10 points): Shoot five mutants in one game.
    One Wave (10 points): Make it to the second wave without losing any humans.
    Cooperation (10 points): Get a score of 15,000 during an Xbox Live Co-Op game.
    Competitive (15 points): Win 30 Xbox Live versus games.
    Nice Catch (15 points): Rescue a human with a mid-air catch.
    Getting Better (15 points): Make it to the third wave.
    Fifteen Grand (15 points): Get a personal score of 15,000.
    Run! (20 points): Survive the first 75 seconds without shooting, bombing, or teleporting.
    Baiter Bane (20 points): During an Xbox Live Co-op game, kill five baiters in any level without using any smart bombs.
    Five Waves (20 points): Make it to the fifth wave.
    Twenty-Five Grand (25 points): Obtain a personal score of 25,000.
    Protect All Humans (25 points): Lose no humans in the first three waves.
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