Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Legend of Defiance (70 points): Your reputation is sure to spread far beyond the borders of Paradise; Defiance.
    Holy Shtako! (15 points): New Freedom has crashed, you've made a few new friends and one of them lives inside your head.
    Skruggin' Ark Core (15 points): Von Bach is alive, he has an Ark Core, and Cass is not happy about it.
    Wrong Hands (15 points): Cooper and Ara are good people and you'll need them now that Dark Matter has the Matrix.
    That Hagisi Lied (15 points): Rosa had revenge and is grateful for the help, but the Matrix is still missing, no thanks to Varus.
    Everyone Will Die (15 points): Torc's a badass, but so's Nim, as Von Bach learned too late; It'll take everyone to bring Nim down.
    Who... Are You? (15 points): Nim is dead, again, and the secrets of Defiance will remain; If only Karl could see you now.
    Overdosing (15 points): Piercer needed an intervention.
    Broom Closet (15 points): Varus killed a monster.
    Save Your Ganchis (15 points): That darn Varus.
    Call Me Psycho (15 points): Poor Peter Nardone.
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (15 points): Wait... Motherlode is a dude?.
    Not Bad at All (15 points): You can't destroy energy.
    Super Excited (15 points): Now... which core was that again?.
    Individual Pursuit (15 points): You completed your first pursuit in the Bay Area.
    Hot Pursuit (15 points): You completed 5 pursuits in the Bay Area.
    Pursuit of Happiness (15 points): You completed 10 pursuits in the Bay Area.
    High Speed Pursuit (15 points): You completed 15 pursuits in the Bay Area.
    Pursuit of Excellence (15 points): You completed 20 pursuits in the Bay Area.
    Executive Wash Room (15 points): On the cutting edge, Von Bach Industries is one of the few corporations with truly global reach.
    Private Booth (15 points): While the gulanite boom put it on the map, Soleptor Enterprises has its fingers in many pies.
    Office in Back (15 points): Top Notch Toolworks is all about family tradition and custom craftsmanship.
    Secure Channel (15 points): Despite the violence, Echelon is still a business; Because of the violence, business is good.
    Seven Days a Week (15 points): Your contributions to the Bay Area have not gone unnoticed.
    Key to Paradise (15 points): It's thanks to people like you that the community of Paradise might actually incorporate some day.
    Widely Regarded (30 points): You are a true professional and well respected by the movers and shakers in Paradise.
    Arkhunting (10 points): Valuable relics from the destroyed Votan arks frequently and dangerously rain from the sky.
    Arkhunting Party (10 points): Arkfalls draw quite a crowd for as dangerous as they are; Risk vs. reward, or so they say.
    Arkhunting Safari (15 points): The amount of debris still in the Ark Belt is nearly limitless; Talk about job security.
    Freight Magnate (15 points): Arkfall really did a number on shipping costs.
    Stargazer (15 points): That dark, dead, spot in the sky is the Votanis System.
    Wharfie (15 points): Raiders shut down sea lanes faster than E-Rep can open them.
    Bit of an EGO (10 points): Von Bach has unlocked the secrets of EGO technology for commercial use; You are proof.
    Abundance of Ego (40 points): The evolution of your EGO is a testament to the genius of Von Bach and his mastery of Votan tech..
    Stroking Your EGO (15 points): EGO hosts a Votan artifical intelligence, the implications of which are not fully understood.
    EGO Maniac (30 points): Both the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective are behind the curve in regulating EGO research.
    Powerful EGO (15 points): EGO integrates at the genetic level, boosting the capabilities of the host beyond natural limits.
    EGOTistical (20 points): As your EGO evolves, so does your ability to handle diverse tactical situations.
    EGOcentric Arkhunter (60 points): Your EGO has evolved past VBI's most optimistic forecasts.
    Wait For It... (50 points): You have found an extremely rare and valuable weapon; Make good use of it.
    Shoot to Skill (50 points): While it's good to specialize, it's wise to pick up a variety of skills.
    Calculated Killer (25 points): To your enemies across the new frontier, your name is "Death".
    A Friend in Need (5 points): Arkhunting can be a lonely vocation without trusted friends.
    Chasing Shadows (15 points): Echelon values experienced Shadow Operatives like yourself.
    Vehicular Manslaughter (15 points): Normally Echelon hires drivers for non-combat contracts; For you, they make exceptions.
    Brain Surgeon (15 points): When Echelon needs a skilled assassin, they know who to call.
    Upper Echelon (15 points): Quantity over quality, but dead is still dead.
    Yeeeeeeehaaaaawww! (30 points): It would be more impressive if you did it in a single jump...
    Good Cardio (35 points): Sure, it's fun. But swimming's not the most effective means of travel...
    Monolithic Landmark (15 points): Some gatekeepers are not to be trifled with.
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