Diabolical Pitch

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    You're Up and Running! (20 points): Area cleared with all dolls totally destroyed.
    Par for the Course. (10 points): Clear an area without taking damage (Other than Extra Areas).
    Was that Actually Cool? (5 points): Clear an area without using a Diabolical Pitch (Other than Extra Areas).
    Saving for a Rainy Day? (20 points): Collect 100 coins or more.
    Buying a House? (20 points): Collect 500 coins or more.
    You Hate Losing, Don't Ya? (5 points): Use Area Retry or World Retry 10 times.
    Don't Break your Shoulder! (10 points): Throw faster than 105 mph..
    Wrong Sport, Pele! (5 points): Kick away 10 dolls or more.
    Are you a Catcher? (5 points): Successfully catch 51 times.
    Card Collector (10 points): Collect 30 types of baseball cards.
    Hardcore! (10 points): Acquire all 64 baseball cards.
    Do You Remember? (10 points): All types of Diabolical Pitch used including the Union Ball.
    That Was Slow! (20 points): All worlds cleared in single-player mode.
    Pals (10 points): Clear a world in multiplayer.
    Best of Friends (10 points): All worlds cleared in multiplayer mode.
    Plenty of Free Time (5 points): 2,000 dolls knocked down.
    Too Much Free Time? (5 points): 1,000 items acquired.
    Overuse Can Be Deadly (5 points): Use 200 Diabolical Pitches.
    Greedy! (5 points): 7 triple sevens.
    Something to Brag About? (10 points): Clear all worlds without taking damage from the first area until the end of the extra area.
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