Divinity 2: Ego Draconis



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Dragon Knight (99 points): Finish the game.
    Chicken Out (25 points): Kill Casper.
    She Never Saw It Coming (25 points): Scare away the fortune teller.
    Bounty Hunter (100 points): Bring to justice all of Rivellon's most wanted criminals.
    Turn a Blind Eye (10 points): Cure blindness.
    Pillar of Strength (100 points): Upgrade all your Battle Tower platforms to their maximal potential.
    On the Run (5 points): Send one of your runners on a mission.
    Peeping Tom (5 points): Read someone's mind.
    Off the Leash (5 points): Summon your creature.
    Gaining Power (5 points): Level up once.
    Divinity (40 points): Reach an epic level.
    Prince Charming (5 points): Charm an item.
    Enchanté (5 points): Enchant an item.
    Master Brewer (5 points): Create a Potion.
    Mater Studiorum (5 points): Make use of your skills trainer.
    Shop Till You Drop (5 points): Trade with someone.
    Shape of the Dragon (5 points): Morph into a Dragon.
    Mirror, Mirror (5 points): Make use of an illusionist's services.
    A Dragon Stone's Throw Away (5 points): Use the Dragon Stone.

Additionally, there are 22 secret achievements:

    All Aboard! (25 points): You finished Farglow. Happy hunting!
    The Dragon Roars (25 points): You have destroyed Damian's armada and successfully protected your Battle Tower.
    The Maxos Baedeker (20 points): You have found the book that will lead you to the Hall of Echoes.
    Spell-Struck (25 points): You have found the spell that will reveal the Hall of Echoes.
    The Damned One (10 points): You met Damian.
    Lovis Lore-Master (25 points): You correctly answered all of the questions about Lord Lovis.
    Path of the Pious (25 points): You have gained entry to the Maxos Temple.
    The Feral Fjords (10 points): You have discovered the Orobas Fjords.
    Hold the Key (15 points): You have obtained the key to the Maxos Temple.
    The Great Escape (20 points): You have made it out of the Maxos Temple.
    Cave In (25 points): You have found Adah and Mahalath's secret cave.
    Dragon Ho! (25 points): You have found a true Dragon: the Patriarch.
    Dim Lights, Dark City (25 points): You have discovered Aleroth.
    Shielded (25 points): You have obtained the shield that will protect you in the Hall of Echoes.
    Bunny Bagger (30 points): You have killed the Killer Bunny.
    Castle Crasher (80 points): You have destroyed all of Damian's Flying Fortresses.
    The Sigil, the Seal (25 points): You have found the seal that will open the gate to the Hall of Echoes.
    Adrift (30 points): You have found Michael's raft.
    You're Going to Die, Charlie (1 points): You have killed Charlie the goblin.
    Family Fortune (30 points): You have read the mind of the three Gremory siblings.
    Saint or Satan (20 points): You have shown you are either utterly good or evil in Bellegar's cave.
    Past the Gates (25 points): You have reached the Hall of Echoes.
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