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Easy "Roadrunner" achievement

In Europe 2: Conveyance, hold LT + RT during the countdown to get a boost. Then once you start, just keep running forward until you fall through the gap in the conveyer belt to get the "Roadrunner" achievement.

Easy "That's Gotta Hurt" achievement


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Tarzan (10 points): Swung from rope to rope 10 times in a row.
    Frequent Flyer (15 points): Flew from fan to fan 20 times in a row.
    Hopscotch (20 points): Bounced from trampoline to trampoline 12 times in a row.
    That's Gotta Hurt (10 points): Got smashed by 3 hammers in a row.
    Competitive Spirit (10 points): Beat a friend in an Xbox LIVE race.
    Roadrunner (10 points): Run at top speed when you're about to wipe out.
    Euro Star (20 points): Finished the Europe Levels.
    I'm Big in Japan (20 points): Finished the Japan Levels.
    Going for Gold (40 points): Earned a gold medal on each level.
    Social Climber (15 points): Finished every level in Xbox LIVE.
    Sore wa kantan desu (10 points): Finished Japan level 4 with a time of 1:40 or better.
    American Hero (20 points): Finished the USA Levels.
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