Final Exam

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    This is only the beginning (20 points): You have completed all the missions in the game!
    Top of the class (20 points): You won the golden glove on one mission!
    Fun (15 points): You have completed an online multiplayer game!
    Cooperation (15 points): You have completed a mission in 2 player local game mode!
    Who's the strongest? (10 points): You exterminated 3 hordes!
    Terminator (30 points): You've achieved a 50,000 point combo!
    Massacre (30 points): You've killed 1,000 monsters!
    Disintegration (50 points): You scored 300,000 points in a single game!
    Rock hard! (50 points): You have completed all the missions in the game in "Rock Hard" mode!
    Collector (30 points): You've found all the weapons!
    Perfectionist (40 points): You got the gold in every mission!
    Apprentice Terminator (15 points): You've achieved a 10,000 point combo!
    Temptation (20 points): You launched the 4 special skills specific to one character in a single mission!
    Slaughter (20 points): You killed 500 monsters with the chainsaw!
    Arsonist (20 points): You killed 300 monsters with fire!
    Healer (15 points): You healed a character on the ground 10 times in multiplayer mode!
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