The First Templar

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Chronicles of the Temple (50 points): Found all Templar Chronicles.
    Wardrobe (30 points): Found all collectible outfits in the game.
    Arsenal (30 points): Found all collectible weapons in the game.
    Treasure-hunter (20 points): Discovered all chests in a single level.
    Thorough (20 points): Completed all Bonus Objectives in a single level.
    Dedicated (40 points): Completed all Bonus Objectives on all levels.
    Watch Your Step (10 points): Disarmed a bear trap.
    Down, boy! (15 points): Saved your partner from a dog attack.
    No Stone Unturned (10 points): Destroyed a breakable wall.
    Juggernaut (15 points): Advanced a character to 5 Health Orbs.
    Vigour (20 points): Advance a character to 5 Zeal Orbs.
    Miracle Worker (20 points): Used the "Revive" action to help your teammate.
    Templar Master (30 points): Completed all levels on Normal or higher difficulty.
    Templar Grand Master (50 points): Completed all levels on Hard difficulty.
    Observant (20 points): Discovered with a clue.
    Templar Knight (20 points): Completed all levels on Casual or higher difficulty.
    Healing hands (20 points): Healed your partner.
    Charge! (15 points): Acquired all Charge skills for Celian.
    Daggermistress (15 points): Acquired all Dagger throw skills for Marie.
    Team Tactics (20 points): Killed an enemy grabbed by the other character.
    Siege Operator (30 points): Killed all opposing squads with a siege weapon.
    No escape (25 points): A fleeing enemy was killed with a siege weapon by you or your partner.
    Strenght of Two (20 points): Finished a level in an online multiplayer game.
    A Friend Indeed (30 points): Finished all levels in the campaign in multiplayer online mode.
    Well Traveled (20 points): Completed 5 levels in online multiplayer with different partners.
    Bull Rush (20 points): Hit 4 enemies at the same time with your Charge Attack.
    Whirlwind Strike (20 points): Hit 4 enemies at the same time with your All-around Attack..
    A Friend in Need (15 points): Played in an online multiplayer game with one of your Xbox LIVE friends.
    Just a Flesh wound (25 points): Finished a whole level without both characters dropping below 1 Health Orb.
    Destructive (15 points): Smashed 5 enemy shields.
    Executor (30 points): Finished 30 fallen enemies.
    What Was That? (20 points): Stealth killed a noise distracted enemy.
    Look out below! (20 points): Killed an enemy by knocking him from a ledge.
    The Duelist (30 points): Won a duel.
    Pyromaniac (10 points): Set 50 objects on fire.
    Silent and deadly (20 points): Performed 50 stealth kills.
    Not a Scratch (20 points): Killed 5 enemies in less than a minute without taking damage.
    Fight back (25 points): Successfully performed 10 countermoves.
    Expert Tracker (15 points): Successfully tracked 20 trails to their end.
    Long Ranged (20 points): Killed 20 enemies with a ranged attack.

Additionally, there are eight secret achievements:

    Saviour of Acre (10 points): Survived the siege of Acre.
    An Honourable Enemy (15 points): Defeated Muzafar.
    The Lost Temple (15 points): Explored the Temple of the Nine.
    The Hero of Cyprus (10 points): Rescued the messenger of King Philip.
    Beast-Slayer (10 points): Defeated the Beast.
    A Lady with an Attitude (10 points): Rescued Marie d'Ibelin.
    Friday the 13th (15 points): Survived the events of Friday the 13th.
    The Cup of Christ (15 points): Found the Grail.

The following achievements require "The Arena" bonus downloadable content:

    Byzantine Ways (20 points): Completed the Arena.
    Crowd Favourite (40 points): Completed all Bonus Objectives in the Arena.
    Dance of Blades (10 points): Killed 15 opponents in the Arena using Cyclone Strike.
    Gladiator (30 points): Completed the first round in the Arena without taking damage.
    Elite Gladiator (50 points): Completed the second round in the Arena without taking damage.
    Master Gladiator (100 points): Completed the third round in the Arena without taking damage.
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