Fishdom 3: Special Edition

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Chain reaction (5 points): Make a chain of 3 explosive devices.
    Thunderer (5 points): Use lightning 50 times.
    Hunting for pieces (15 points): Remove 1,000 pieces on a single level.
    Archaeologist (10 points): Collect 100 artifacts.
    Gold rush (10 points): Collect 500 units of gold and diamonds.
    Limits of possibility (20 points): Create 10 matches in 10 seconds.
    True to your vocation (5 points): Complete 200 levels.
    Tactician (10 points): Clear off 120 pieces in one move.
    Temporary Insanity (20 points): Use all types of explosive available on a single level.
    Inexhaustible Vein (20 points): Earn 1,000,000 coins.
    Good student (10 points): Gain enough Experience to reach Level 25.
    Experienced designer (5 points): Spend 10,000 coins decorating your aquarium.
    Broad spectrum (10 points): Get all the backgrounds for your aquarium.
    Great aquarist (10 points): Get 10 aquariums.
    For loyalty (5 points): Play the game for an hour.
    King of the Turtles (5 points): Buy 10 turtles.
    Perfect aquarium (10 points): Receive the highest trophy for 5 beautiful aquariums.
    Strong stamina (10 points): Unlock bonus levels.
    Time is money (10 points): Complete 100 levels within golden time.
    Ark (5 points): Buy one fish of each species.
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