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Easy skill points

Buy the Ultima GTR (2012), and fully upgrade it. Drive it to the long stretch of road on the east end of the highway that connects Nice and the Horizon festival. Once there, drive northwest along that highway at maximum speed, weaving between the traffic to increase your multipliers. After you exit the tunnel and the divider is gone, burnout or use the emergency brake and turn around to drive in the opposite direction.

Easy speed trap rewards

Cameras will catch you at speed traps when you drive over 30 mph. You can work with another player to earn easy credits. Drive just over 30 mph so the speed trap camera notes your speed. Then, have the other player just barely exceed that speed so that he or she earns some credits. Then, speed up so that you barely exceed the other player's speed. Continue repeating the process by swapping back and forth as speed leader. Eventually you or the other player will be given a bonus 50,000 credit reward.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Welcome to Horizon Europe (10 points): You arrive at the Horizon Festival in style.
    First of many (10 points): You won your first race.
    Driver for Hire (10 points): You earned your first sponsorship bonus.
    Roadtripper (30 points): You completed all 3 Road Trips.
    Hit the Road Jack (10 points): You completed the Amateur Road Trip.
    The Train's in Vain (10 points): You beat the train in a Horizon Showcase Event.
    Welcome to Montellino (10 points): You made it to Montellino.
    Welcome to San Giovanni (10 points): You made it to San Giovanni.
    Welcome to Castelletto (10 points): You made it to Castelletto.
    Welcome to Saint Martin (20 points): You made it to Saint Martin.
    Welcome to Sisteron (10 points): You made it to Sisteron.
    Welcome to Nice Massena (20 points): You made it to Nice Massena.
    Horizon Champion (40 points): You beat them all to become Horizon Champion.
    Horizon Apprentice (10 points): You mastered your first Championship Event.
    Horizon Journeyman (20 points): You mastered all of the Events at 1 Destination.
    Horizon Master (30 points): You mastered all of the Events at 3 Destinations.
    All Your Race Are Belong To Us (50 points): You mastered every Event at the Horizon Festival.
    Yellow Wristband (10 points): You earned the Yellow Wristband.
    Blue Wristband (10 points): You earned the Blue Wristband.
    Purple Wristband (20 points): You earned the Purple Wristband.
    Bronze Wristband (30 points): You earned the Bronze Wristband.
    Gold Wristband (50 points): You earned the Gold Wristband.
    That New Car Smell (10 points): You bought your first car.
    Car Lover (20 points): Your garage contains 50 cars.
    Worthy Of A Sultan (40 points): Your garage is worth over 20 million credits.
    Skilful (10 points): You earned 10 Skill Points.
    The Chosen One (40 points): You earned 109 Skill Points.
    Summer Sale (10 points): You smashed 25 Reward Boards.
    Smash Happy (40 points): You found and smashed every Reward Board.
    The Flashed and the Furious (20 points): 20 different Speed Cameras caught you doing over 100mph.
    Follow That Car (10 points): You collected 3 bounties.
    Throw Down the Gauntlet (10 points): You completed 10 Bucket List Stunts.
    Challenge Accepted (30 points): Mission accomplished! You completed the Bucket List.
    Friends with Benefits (30 points): You earned a total of 1,000,000 Cr from Rivals.
    Team Mates (10 points): You joined a Car Club.
    Human GPS (50 points): You drove down every road in the game.
    Storage Hunter (10 points): You restored 5 Barn Finds.
    User (10 points): You took part in 20 Multiplayer Events.
    Addict (50 points): You took part in 200 Multiplayer Events.
    On The Road Again (10 points): You completed your first Online Road Trip Location.
    Well Travelled (30 points): You completed 25 Online Road Trip Locations.
    Yes We Can (30 points): You and your friends completed 25 Bucket List Stunts together.
    Fast And Clean (20 points): Nice driving. You earned the Clean Racer Skill 100 times.
    Freeroaming Buddies (10 points): You joined an Online Freeroam with a friend.
    You Are Playground Games (40 points): You completed 100 Playground Games.
    Sellout (30 points): You earned every Sponsorship Bonus on offer.
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