Freefall Racers

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    One Tiny Step (10 points): Finished a Race.
    SHHBLAMO! (10 points): Used a Power Up.
    BOOOOOOST! (10 points): Used Adrenaline Boost.
    One Giant Leap (10 points): Won a Race.
    Friendly Rivals (10 points): Played split screen competitively.
    Buddy Up (10 points): Played split screen as a Team.
    Go Team! (10 points): Played as a team and came 1st and 2nd.
    Near Miss (10 points): Finished less than 1 second behind 1st place.
    Double Boost (10 points): Activated Adrenaline Boost when in a Jet Stream.
    Completionist (20 points): Raced all Tracks.
    The Honor Roll (10 points): Didn't use a power up during a race.
    Dastardly (10 points): Used 5 power ups during 1 Race.
    Treasure Chest (10 points): Unlocked all Tracks and Characters.
    Alter Egos (20 points): Raced as all the characters.
    Power Up (20 points): Used 8 different Power Ups.
    Underdog (40 points): Went from last place to first place and won!
    Fantastic Antics (20 points): Won Arctic Antics at Hard difficulty.
    Champion (40 points): Won all Tracks.
    Super Champion (40 points): Won an Easy Circuit at Hard difficulty.
    Ultra Mega Champion (80 points): Won a Hard Circuit at Hard difficulty.
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